Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 625

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A fine silver needle poured down.



The silver needle struck two blood demons who were cautiously searching the reed field.

The needle, as thin as a cow’s hair, was lodged in the vital points of the blood demons.

The blood demons instantly fell backward, their eyes rolling up. They were dead in a matter of seconds.


Not too far away, another blood demon fell, its ankle severed. He was caught in a secretly installed silver wire trap.

Such scenes were unfolding throughout the reed field.

During his brief rest, Pyo Wol had set up deadly traps within the reed field.

He used every trick and strategy he had learned in his life as an assassin.

He set the silver wires and traps that Tang Sochu had given him throughout the reed field, luring the blood demons into them

The thick reed leaves obscured their vision, and the blood demon couldn’t detect the hidden traps and wires.

Had they taken their time, they could’ve responded, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the luxury.

Pyo Wol hunted the blood demon corps as he darted between the reeds. If they stood still or moved too slowly, they would be caught, so they had to be nimble.

Essentially, they were forced to make this choice.

Pyo Wol made sure of it.

He took away any choice from the Blood Demon Corps, forcing them into rapid motion.

While the Blood Demon Corps prided themselves on their experiences, they had never faced a situation like this.

Hundreds of assassins were being outmaneuvered by just one man, Pyo Wol.

For an assassin like Pyo Wol, who had reached such a level, the reed field was a blessing in disguise.

There was ample cover, and countless ways to use the environment to his advantage.

Pyo Wol released Gwia in the reed field.


Without a sound, the snake disappeared between the reeds.

In such a densely packed reed field, spotting Gwia was nearly impossible.



Those bitten by Gwia stiffened and fell backward, dying instantly.

Its venom was so potent that they didn’t even have a moment to neutralize it with their internal energy.

The combination of Pyo Wol and Gwia was nothing short of a disaster for the Blood Demon Corps.

“Damn it!”

“What do we do now?”

The gravity of the situation made the usually silent blood demons speak.

The situation in the reeds was so bad that even the demons who had lost their human sentience were terrified.

Many of the blood demons that entered the reed field lost their lives, and they couldn’t even guess where Pyo Wol was hiding.

Being hunted rather than being the hunter was a new, terrifying experience for them.

Yet, instead of fleeing, they did their best to find and kill Pyo Wol. However, the more they tried, the greater their losses became.

Finally, after significant losses, So Yeowol made a decision.

She ordered the martial artists of Guryongsalmak who were waiting outside

-Set fire to the reeds.

Much of the Blood Demon Corps were still in the reeds.

If they set it on fire before the blood demons could escape, the damage would be even greater. Yet, So Yeowol gave the order to burn the reeds

If the blood demons showed signs of retreating, Pyo Wol would surely escape.

Sacrificing some to corner Pyo Wol was necessary.


The dry reeds quickly burst into flames.

The blood demons, startled by the unexpected fire, rushed out of the reeds.

Emerging from the reeds, they found the warriors of Guryongsalmak, who had now formed a perfect encirclement.

After dodging the flames, the Blood Demon Corps quietly slipped through the ranks.


One after another, blood demons emerged from the flames.

Some were slightly singed, while others suffered severe burns.

Those with severe burns gritted their teeth in pain but did not whimper.

They didn’t want to appear weak in front of their peers.

Once enough blood demons had escaped, the leader of Guryongalmak’s martial artists shouted.

“Throw the oil jars now.”


Immediately, the martial artists threw jars filled with a specially formulated oil into the burning reed field.

The chemically enhanced oil not only fueled the fire, but it also intensified the flames many folds.

The heat was so intense that even from a considerable distance, it felt as if one’s face would melt.

“Back off a little more.”

“Damn it!”

The martial artists of Guryongsalmak retreated hastily.

Even they hadn’t expected the heat to be this overwhelming.


“Save me!”

Occasionally, demon-like figures, severely burned, would emerge from the flames. But the one they were eagerly awaiting, Pyo Wol, never appeared.

The leader of Guryongsalmak wore a blue mask.

The mask was featureless save for two eye holes.

He was Shin Gong-ha, but Guryongsalmak called him the Blue-faced Warrior.

Much like the Red King, who had been killed by Pyo Wol, Shin Gong-ha had a notorious reputation.

Gazing into the burning reeds, Shin Gong-ha shouted,

“He will emerge soon. Be prepared.”

He hadn’t anticipated that Pyo Wol would retreat into the reed field. However, he had no intention of letting him escape.

Pyo Wol was a human after all.

Though it was unclear how he endured amidst those hellish flames, he would soon reach his limit and emerge.

The martial artists encircling the reeds were poised to strike at any moment.

But no matter how long they waited, Pyo Wol did not appear.

“He couldn’t have burned to death, could he?”


“How could he die from mere flames?”

The image of Pyo Wol perishing in fire was hard to imagine.

To them, Pyo Wol was like a demon, nearly invincible.

Time swiftly passed amidst the tension.

Unable to stand it, Shin Gong-ha sent a message to his lookout.

―Report to the leader for further instructions.

But no response came.

Realizing something was wrong, he spoke,

“What’s happening? Why isn’t the scout responding?”

Then, screams erupted from behind.

“What’s happening?”

“What’s going on?”

Startled by the sudden turn of events, Shin Gong-ha urgently inquired,

“What’s going on?”

“We’re under attack.”

“An ambush? Could it be that the Reaper has escaped?”

“We’re not certain.”


Frustrated by the vague answer, Shin Gong-ha frowned deeply.

But suddenly, more screams came from the opposite side.

Beneath his mask, Shin Gong-ha’s face contorted even more.

Even if Pyo Wol was fast, he couldn’t have moved to the opposite side that quickly.

It meant there was another attacker.

“What on earth is happening?”

In his frustration, Shin Gong-ha removed and crushed his blue mask.

“Quickly, find out what’s going on!”

Despite his orders, his men didn’t return, prompting Shin Gong-ha to personally rush to where the screams originated.

There, he saw a warrior with just one arm.

Every time this one-armed martial artist swung his fist, a fierce energy radiated, knocking down the Guryongsalmak’s martial artists.


Shin Gong-ha unleashed his sword qi at the one-armed martial artist.

However, with just one punch filled with energy, the one-armed martial artist deflected the sword qi.

Approaching the one-armed fighter, Shin Gong-ha demanded,

“Who are you to dare interfere with Guryongsalmak’s operations?”

“If these men are from the Guryongsalmak, then I’ve come to the right place.”

“You knowingly interfere? If you’re not afraid of retribution, reveal your identity.”

“My name is Hwangbo Chiseung.”

“Hwangbo Chiseung? Could you be the One-Armed Fist King?”

The corners of Shin Gong-ha’s eyes twitched.

He was terrified.

The title of One-Armed Fist King was not to be taken lightly.

The fact that a one-armed martial artist had earned such a title spoke volumes about the sheer martial prowess of Hwangbo Chiseung.

“Why is the One-Armed Fist King interfering with the operations of Guryongsalmak? Step back now, and I’ll spare you.”

“Do you genuinely ask because you do not know?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you truly not know whom this Hwangbo Chiseung serves?”


“It seems you do. I have sworn loyalty to my lord. Those who threaten him are enemies to me. If you wish to reach him, you must get through me.”


His roar echoed across the battlefield.

The assembled martial artists trembled at the roar that seemed to shake their brains through
their eardrums.

The eyes of Shin Gong-ha, gazing at Hwangbo Chiseung, were filled with intense killing intent.


With a powerful stride, Shin Gong-ha approached Hwangbo Chiseung.

“I’ve heard of your growing reputation in Kangho. But in the end, you’re just a one-armed cripple. You alone cannot stop our Guryongsalmak.”

“Who said…”


“…that I am alone?”

“You’re not alone?”

At that moment, when Shin Gong-ha unwittingly recoiled,


Suddenly, the air in the vicinity began to ripple intensely.

“What’s this?”

Startled, Shin Gong-ha and the nearby Guryongsalmak martial artists looked around.

At that moment, shadowy figures began to rise around the outskirts of Guryongsalmak martial artists.

The sinister aura they exuded made it clear they were assassins, reminiscent of the Blood Demon Corps.

At their forefront was Hong Ye-seol.

Hong Ye-seol spoke,

“The One-Armed Fist King is not alone.”

“A woman?”

“And neither is she.”

As Pyo Wol bravely caught the attention of Guryongsalmak’s martial artists, Hwangbo Chiseung and the Black Sect’s assassins arrived.

The real battle was just beginning.

The moment Hong Ye-seol raised her hand, the assassins from the Black Sect charged at the Guryongsalmak martial artists.

The ultimate showdown between the Black Sect and Guryongsalmak had begun.

Who will emerge victorious between them?

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