Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 624

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“Did he find out?”

So Yeowol muttered to herself.

She stood at the center of a vast plain.

It was the heart of the Grand Heavenly Net, the center of a vast web spread out in every direction.

When she conceived the plan to trap Pyo Wol, the first thing that came to her mind was a spider’s web.

The Pyo Wol she knew was like a snake—a viper that could slip through the tiniest of gaps.

To capture Pyo Wol, there could be no vulnerabilities; she needed a mechanism that could detect even the slightest movements.

So she chose to become the Queen Spider.

From the core of the Grand Heavenly Net, she monitored Pyo Wol’s movements and issued commands like a Queen Spider.

While she wasn’t sure if spiders had actual queens, So Yeowol thought of herself as one.

Martial Artists skilled in the art of “Ten-Li Voice Transmission” relayed real-time information on Pyo Wol’s activities.

Through messages passed from mouth to ear and ear to mouth again, she understood Pyo Wol’s movement as if she was reading the lines on her palm.

She had commanded Pyo Wol into a trap, and her subordinates loyally obeyed the order. But Pyo Wol unexpectedly moved in the opposite direction.

This wasn’t the first time.

As if mocking So Yeowol, Pyo Wol moved in directions contrary to her intentions.

So Yeowol was convinced.

Pyo Wol had figured out her plan.

He might not know her exact location, but he probably understood how the Grand Heavenly Net operated.

Pyo Wol was such a being—performing impossible feats effortlessly.

With his mysterious intellect and depth of thought, he understood his opponent’s inner thoughts and reacted in an instant.

It was like a fight between a snake and a spider.

When Pyo Wol prodded, So Yeowol responded; when So Yeowol tightened the web, Pyo Wol found a way to escape.

Song Cheonwoo watched the entire battle from beside So Yeowol.

His face was tense.

Although he prided himself on having seen many battles, he had never seen or even imagined a battle like this.

Both So Yeowol and Pyo Wol were operating several moves ahead.

The difference was, while Pyo Wol was acting on his own, So Yeowol utilized thousands of martial artists as her limbs and senses.

The martial artists in the network were dying.

Pyo Wol remained true to his nature.

No matter how cornered he was, his ferocity never waned.

He would ruthlessly take advantage of even the slightest weakness to end his opponent’s life.

Many had died at the hands of Pyo Wol.

So Yeowol bit her lip lightly.

‘But the victor will be me.’

Pyo Wol’s movements were still within the palm of her hand.

Despite his struggles to escape the network, he was sinking deeper and deeper..

Song Cheonwoo shuddered at the sight.

‘Only Yeowol can do this. No one in the world can command a network like this.’

Her network of thousands of martial artists moved seamlessly at So Yeowol’s command.

It only took a split second for her to give the order and for them to move.

No chain of command can be faster than this.

‘Pyo Wol! This will be your grave.’

Song Cheonwoo was certain of their victory.

As many as 3,000 men were mobilized.

No martial artist in the world could break through such a formidable barricade.

Song Cheonwoo was sure of that.

So Yeowol continued to issue her unrelenting commands.

“Drive Pyo Wol to the right. Blood Ghost Corps, hold your positions. Martial artists of

Guryongsalmak, prepare to throw your hidden weapons.”

As her command echoed, the Grand Heavenly Net, the vast network of information and
forces—shifted once again. Its real-time transformations were awe-inspiring.

Song Cheonwoo muttered to himself.

“With this kind of ability in Yeowol, no martial artist or clan in the world could challenge our Guryongsalmak. We will rule the world from the shadows.”

Unconsciously, his fists clenched tight. A surging sense of exhilaration boiled from deep within his chest.

Just then—


An unexpected voice trickled from So Yeowol’s lips.

She had a puzzled expression on her face.

Song Cheonwoo questioned

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


So Yeowol raised her hand to stop Song Cheonwoo’s question.

She furrowed her brow and concentrated on the countless transmissions in her head.

The Ten-Li Voice Transmission technique allowed her to hear not just one voice, but dozens of voices simultaneously.

Distinguishing each of them and making quick decisions was her forte.

It was better if it was just confusion. If she concentrated hard enough, she could distinguish the voices and figure out what was going on.

The problem was, the one voice that had been speaking to her nonstop was gone.

And then, another.

Some might say, what’s there to worry about with just two missing reports? but for So Yeowol, who oversaw everything, it wasn’t that simple.

They were trained to talk nonstop.

Even if the content is useless.

Their sudden silence could only mean they had encountered an unreportable situation.

‘They both lost their lives to Pyo Wol.’

The moment she reached her conclusion, a flood of messages poured in via the Ten-Li Voice
Transmission technique.

  • -The target is the watchers.
  • -Charge this way!
  • -He’s targeting the watchers!

Desperate voices filled her ears.

Screams of the watchers that followed made her heart race.

A shadow of concern passed over So Yeowol’s face.


The martial artist who had been communicating with So Yeowol fell from a tree above, a scream escaping his lips.

An almost invisible silver thread was wrapped around his neck like a noose.

It was the Soul Reaping Thread of Pyo Wol

He had no room for resistance.

The martial artist was thrown upside down onto the ground.

Flesh and grayish-white marrow splashed everywhere.

It was a gruesome death.

But it all happened in an instant, so the pain was probably brief.

“Get him!”

“Chase him down!”

Martial artists chased after Pyo Wol, who just executed one of the watchers.

This cut off So Yeowol’s instructions.

The group that had been moving in sync was now in disarray.

Pyo Wol had killed four men who were transmitting messages.

All the martial artists in the area were lost without communication.

The Grand Heavenly Net was created to target just one person, Pyo Wol.

So Yeowol was its mastermind.

Over Three thousand martial artists served as her eyes, ears, hands, and feet, but she was the only one who moved them.

A highly efficient system, but it relied heavily on the telepaths.

Pyo Wol, with his keen senses, quickly realized this vulnerability.

Understanding the system’s mechanism, he figured out how to disrupt it: eliminate the signal transmitters.

Without their reports, So Yeowol couldn’t make informed decisions.

And in the moments she hesitated, the Grand Heavenly Net crumbled.

This was Pyo Wol’s chance.

With a swift move, he took to the skies, using his Qigong.

The perfectly synchronized net now had gaps for Pyo Wol to escape through.

“Damn it!”

“Block his path!”

The martial artists shouted in desperation, but Pyo Wol had already broken free.

Martial artists from the Golden Heavenly Hall gave chase, but they were no match for Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol reigned at the top of all assassins.

If he decided to hide or escape, no ordinary martial artist could track him.

Seeing the situation, So Yeowol summoned the Blood Demon Corps.

They, too, were assassins who knew the ways of their kind and how to track and catch their prey.

They knew the art of concealment and evasion better than anyone.

Because of that, So Yeowol had no choice but to mobilize the Blood Demon Corps sooner than anticipated.

The overall plan she had envisioned became distorted.


The Blood Demon Corps swiftly closed in on Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol noticed their approach.

‘The real deal has shown up.’

The martial artists he’d faced so far were just agents sent by the Golden Heavenly Hall.

To So Yeowol, they were mere pawns, easily expendable. But the Blood Demon Corps were different.

The meticulously trained Blood Demon Corps was the true force behind both So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.

They were the most trusted and reliable force for the two, always ready at their command.

Despite being surrounded by countless assassins, not a single sound was heard.

Reapers, waging a silent war.

Their mode of operation was strikingly similar to Pyo Wol’s.

The Blood Demon Corps pursued Pyo Wol with terrifying speed.

The previously loosened Grand Heavenly Net, tightened around him menacingly once again.

Not only did they perfectly seal any openings, but they also reinforced the net’s strength.

As the Blood Demon Corps advanced, the watchers who were using the Ten-Li Voice Transmission technique and were threatened by Pyo Wol now felt secure.

  • “The target is fleeing.”
  • “Predicting he’s headed to the reed field.”
  • “Expected to reach the reed field within a short time.”
  • ‘Reed field?’

So Yeowol’s brow furrowed.

The only reed field in the vicinity was where Pyo Wol had taken a rest.

The tall reeds, growing as high as a man, completely blocked one’s line of sight.

Pyo Wol had rested on a rock in the reed field for over an hour.

Him heading back to the reed field meant retracing his steps.

‘Is this coincidental?’

Being chased relentlessly might lead him there.

But the Pyo Wol she knew was not someone who would lose his way or reasoning.

There was no way he had unintentionally circled back to the same reed field.

So Yeowol remembered the unusual hour-long rest Pyo Wol had taken.

It was rare for someone of Pyo Wol’s caliber to rest without purpose, unless there was a specific reason.

In an instant, realization struck her.

‘It’s a trap.’

The only time Pyo Wol had been out of her sight was during his rest in the reed field.

She hastily tried to warn the Blood Demon Corps.

“It’s a trap. Everyone, retreat…”

Before her command could be fully conveyed, the Blood Demon Corps had already entered the reed field.


The lead Blood Demon Corps member chasing Pyo Wol fell, blood spurting from his wound.

His ankle had been sliced clean off.

In his agony, his eyes widened, and only then did they notice the barely visible silver wire at ankle height.

Razor-sharp wires had been set up all over the reed field.

Only now did the assassins realize why Pyo Wol had chosen this place as his battleground.

It was a death trap that Pyo Wol had prepared.

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