Surviving The Game As A Barbarian Episode 54

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“Does that mean they are the plunderers from before?”

Rotmiller nodded at the dwarf’s question. And with that, the situation became clear.

The ones who had been brazenly raiding on the third floor were ironically being chased by monsters, and had coincidentally ended up heading our way. Such a coincidence seems highly unlikely.

“Whoever they are, they’re targeting us,”

“I don’t know why, though. Maybe they’re trying to get between us by pretending to be chased.”

Rotmiller agreed with my statement and added his own thoughts.

‘I was thinking the same thing.’

“So, what do we do now?”

What to do indeed.

Fortunately, thanks to Rotmiller, we were able to catch onto their ruse early.

“It would be best to make use of this opportunity.”

“Make use of it?”

Misha cocked her head in puzzlement.

However, there wasn’t enough time to explain in detail.

They seemed to have already arrived.

“Light, there’s light!”

Simultaneously with a man’s shout, three individuals, covered in blood and sweat, hurriedly entered the radius of our torchlight.

“If you’re not confident in your acting, just watch quietly.”

I muttered under my breath, making eye contact with Rotmiler, who slightly nodded in response.
Indeed, I communicate well with this gentleman.

Even the dwarf, whom I had been inwardly concerned about, seemed to have understood the meaning of my words precisely.

Then, it was time to begin.

“Don’t come any closer.”

As they ran towards us, I immediately raised my shield and stepped forward to block their path.

“Look here! Our party has been annihilated. Please help us! We will compensate you…!”

Their expressions were desperate yet urgent.

This gentleman is good at acting.

Well, if he’s a plunderer, that’s probably to be expected.

“Lay down your weapons.”

“But, there are monsters behind us!”

A man in his early thirties pointed behind him.

Beyond the range of our torchlight, a group of orcs that had been pursuing them was now gazing in our direction.


As the number of people increased, the orcs couldn’t approach easily, but it was uncertain how long this would last.

So, they urged us to let them in.

It was clear that this was what the old man intended to say, but what about it?

“It’s your choice. Either lay down your weapons or get out.”

I spoke firmly once again, and the response didn’t come easily.

It must have been a tough decision.


In the labyrinth, weapons are as important as life itself.

They might even be suspecting that we’ve caught onto something.

But it didn’t matter.

Whatever choice they made, it wouldn’t harm us.

“Put them down.”

Finally making a decision, the mustached old man dropped his weapon, and the other two followed suit.

‘Have they decided to try their luck?’

While I was satisfied with their choice, I was also a bit worried. Why would they take such risks to target us?

I couldn’t even guess why.

“Alright, then come slowly in that state. Try to stay separated.”

“Do we really need to go this far? We just wanted help……”

“If you want help, do as you’re told.”


After they arrived one by one as instructed, Rotmiller went to check for any hidden weapons.

“…Doesn’t seem like there’s anything threatening.”

“I see. Murad, keep an eye on them.”

“Ah, understood!”

The dwarf nodded stiffly and marched off, his limbs moving in unison like a North Korean soldier.

I couldn’t help but sigh inwardly…

Fortunately, from their expressions, it seemed they didn’t find his actions awkward.

“Chwee, Chweeik……”

“Chweeik, Chweeik, Chweeik-!”

After entrusting the dwarf with the trio of plunderers, I kept an eye on the orcs. Soon, they turned around and left.

Even the orcs must have thought it too risky to fight against such numbers.

‘As always, these monsters are all cunning.’

Well, they’re nothing compared to humans.

Anyway, avoiding a pointless battle was good news for us.

With new problems arising, the last thing we needed was a battle with the orcs.

‘Ugh, I thought I was going to die…’

As soon as the orcs disappeared, the only woman in the trio let out a sigh of relief and slumped to the ground.

Did it just dawn on her?

She suddenly stood up, supporting herself off the ground, and bowed politely to us.

‘Ah! My name is Elisha. Thank you for saving us!’

Maybe because her torn shirt revealed her cleavage?

‘Er, erm. Hikurod Murad at your service.’

The dwarf coughed awkwardly and turned his head away.

It didn’t seem like an act of innocence.

His head was turned, but his gaze remained fixed in one direction.

‘So, you’re Mr. Murad! What might your name be?’

‘I am Bjorn, son of Jandel.’

‘Oh, I see!’

Elisha, who introduced herself, came over and grabbed my hand, bowing her head again.

Of course, her cleavage was emphasized once more.

“Ha, really, I owe you my life! I can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t met you…”

She said breathlessly, her voice tickling my ears.

Now that I noticed, her shirt was the most torn among the trio, seemingly for this very reason…

‘Nyah, Bjorn! Your eyes are so bright!’

Misha muttered, misunderstanding my true feelings.

But I didn’t bother to clear up the misunderstanding there and then.

There would be a chance for that later.

‘One by one, state your names.’

To dispel any suspicions from these folks, I started with a simple census.

The first to introduce himself was the mustached man, who seemed to be the leader.

‘Hans Argo.’



“A common name, I suppose. Perhaps it’s a case of two people with the same name?”

“Ah, um, well… yes, that’s it.”

I nodded awkwardly.

Hans A had his head smashed by my shield.

Hans B, whom I had casually received advice from at a drinking session, I had not seen since.

And Hans C, the mustachioed gentleman I met today, seems likely to follow Hans A’s fate.
Anyway, that’s enough about him, moving on.

“My name is Irita Tyson.”

The tall, blond spearman, Tyson.

He appeared to be in his mid-twenties, with no notable features.

If I had to point something out, it would be his seemingly polite demeanor?

“Thanks to you, we’ve avoided a dire situation. I’d like to express my gratitude once again.”

Spearman Tyson bowed deeply at a 90-degree angle, and Elisha reacted with her characteristic naturalness.

“Really! If it weren’t for you, I can’t imagine the predicament we’d be in… Leatlas must have been watching over us!”


Rotmiller stiffened at that word.

Then, he cautiously addressed Elisha.

“Perhaps… that is, Miss Elisha, you are—”

“Oh, I haven’t mentioned my surname yet. I am Elisha Behenk. As you can see…”

Elisha trailed off and checked her clothing, her face turning into a frown.

Her outfit, originally white, was now torn and stained with sweat and dirt.

“…As you can see? Still, I serve Leatlas!”


“A true priestess, then.”

While the dwarf merely let out a short exclamation, Rotmiller closed his eyes and made the sign of the cross before Elisha.

Wow, this guy’s acting skills are impressive.

“May the star at dusk guide us…….”

“Yes, the star that rises at twilight shall guide us.”

Had they thought it was all settled?

Elisha also responded with a bright smile and returned the gesture. And with that, the air of suspicion lightened in an instant.

Well, at least that’s how it must have seemed to them.

‘We all know she can’t possibly be a real priestess—’

“Miss Elisha, if it’s not too much trouble, could you look at my wound?”


“I’m sorry! I should have offered to help with that first…”

Could it be that she’s not an imposter but an actual priestess?

Caught off guard by this unexpected development, Hans C rolled up his top to show a puncture wound.

Elisha then began chanting a prayer, and her hand, glowing white, touched the wound.

But what do you know?


The wound healed instantly.

Despite my skeptical gaze, it was undeniably real divine power.

How can I be so sure without ever having seen it?

First off, it sounded nothing like a potion, and just look at that expression on Hans C’s face.
There’s not a hint of pain, just tranquility.

“May the star at dusk guide us…….”

Was this unexpected turn of events just as surprising for him?

Rotmiller, momentarily nervous, quickly regained his composure and made the sign of the cross several times.

His reaction was like that of a mortal witnessing a miracle.

To me, it seemed a bit over the top, but considering the world’s structure, this was probably a normal reaction.

Just as different races grow up in holy lands, most human children learn to read and accumulate knowledge through temples from a young age.

The weight carried by the title of a priestess is different.

“Ah! Can we have our weapons back now?”

Elisha asked naturally, as if she had just realized they were without weapons. Perhaps showing her divine power was a setup for this.

The bold decision to throw away their weapons earlier must have been based on this trust.

But what to do now?

“We can’t do that.”


Staring at her puzzled face, I acted nonchalantly. There was no need to reveal that I already knew her true identity.

“I get that you’re a real priestess. But what about it?”

I am a barbarian who believes in ancestral spirits.

I don’t owe anything particular to priestesses, so my reaction isn’t unusual.

Elisha smiled awkwardly and looked towards Rotmiller and Dwalki, both of human origin, seemingly seeking their help.

But I firmly closed off that avenue.

“We’ll return the weapons after they pay us compensation when they’re leaving.”


“Why are you surprised? Whether you’re a priestess or not, entering the labyrinth makes you an adventurer. You must follow the customs.”

“Ah, yes… I have heard of such customs. So, how much should we pay?”

I pretended to think for a moment before speaking.

“About 2 million stones should do.”

“…What, what?”

Elisha asked, as if she had heard wrong.

But I was confident.

“It’s not an unreasonable demand, is it?”

Yes, this is quite generous.

I’ve heard of cases where people were stripped of all their gear as payment for saving their lives.

“Think of it as paying for your life.”

“But… we don’t have that kind of money?”

I already knew that.

Who carries that much cash in the labyrinth?

As expected, she gave the anticipated response. Now it was time to make my next move.

“We won’t ask for a discount. At least until we can get outside—”

“That won’t do. I don’t trust anyone but my own kind. If you don’t have the money, pay in kind.”

“In kind?”

“Hmm, that armor the man is wearing should suffice.”

I pointed at Hans C with my index finger, causing him to frown. However, after exchanging a few glances with Elisha, he sighed deeply.

“Hoo, well, if it saves our lives for this much, it’s not a loss. But there’s a condition. We’ll rely on you tonight until our fatigue is relieved.”

“Fine by me.”

I nodded readily.

I could see through their ulterior motives, but what harm could it do? It’s not like it’s a real promise to keep.

“Irita, could you help me out here?”

“Of course.”

With the spearman’s help, Hans C. removed his heavy armor and handed his gear to Rotmiller.
Good, one down and out of his armor.

‘It looks like they’re trying to take everything they can before starting…’

“Now that the payment is made, how about returning our weapons?”

I couldn’t hold back any longer and smiled cheerfully.

Honestly, I hadn’t expected things to go this smoothly…

“…Why are you smiling?”

Hans C asked, looking at me with a stern face.

I didn’t bother to respond.

Just like I hadn’t cleared up Misha’s misunderstanding about my supposedly dreamy gaze at Elisha.

They would understand soon enough without me saying anything.

“Um, Jandel? If you make any more demands, it’ll be tough for us—”

“Oh, there’s no need for that.”

I replied, swinging my mace at Elisha’s head.



In any game, breaking the healer’s head first is an unwritten rule.