Surviving The Game As A Barbarian Episode 161

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Negotiation (3)

I’m quickly walking through the city.

Not in the city mode with just a breastplate, but fully equipped with a shield and mace.

“Wait a minute, please! Just wait!”

Behind me, Lady Urbans is almost running, trying to stop me.

“I get what you’re trying to do, but doing that now won’t help Mr. Jandel, you know?”


“Let me handle this. Of course, I’ll need Mr. Jandel’s help… Mr. Jandel provides the strength, and I’ll use my brain. How about it? Aren’t we a great combination?”

What is she on about?

I ignore her chatter and keep walking. Lady Urbans tries drastic measures to block my way or grab my arm…

As if that would work.

“Ah, really!!”

Being dragged along without any resistance, Lady Urbans throws her parasol to the ground in frustration.

Was it just a momentary outburst?

Within 3 seconds, she picks up the parasol again and follows closely behind me.

“Um, that… I, I’m sorry.”


“Because of me, Mr. Jandel got caught in the crossfire. If I hadn’t approached, maybe my father would have left him alone.”

“So, you do have some shame after all.”

For the first time, I responded to her honest apology.

Of course, I didn’t stop walking.

That’s one thing, and this is another, isn’t it?

It didn’t seem sincere anyway.

“Even after I apologized!!”

Picking up the pace, the well-bred Lady Urbans wipes the sweat from her brow with her handkerchief and continued to follow diligently.

She must think there’s still a chance to persuade me.

“Huff, huff, hoo…!”

Despite her heavy breathing, Lady Urbans keeps talking.

“Give me a chance to make it right. I know it sounds shameless for me to say this, but if I end up taking my father’s position, I’ll repay you many times over…!”

Was she reaching her physical limit?

Lady Urbans’ voice started to fade away.

After a moment of contemplation, I slightly slowed down.

Not that I had changed my mind about helping her…

‘Meeting with the District Head, having her by my side might actually be better’

Thinking about it again, using her reaction might make it easier to prove my innocence.

However, if I went too slow, she’d undoubtedly start making a fuss, so I adjusted my pace to maintain a certain distance between us.

About 30 minutes later, we finally arrived at our destination.

[Explorers’ Guild 7th District Central Branch.]

The main branch located in each district of the city.

Although I had passed by a few times, it was significantly larger than other branches. Since there are tasks that can only be performed at the headquarters, many explorers were also present.

I paused in front of the door, thinking.

‘Should I break it, or not?’

Perhaps my hesitation seemed like indecision?

Miss Urbans, practically soaked in sweat, quickly spoke up.

“That’s right. It’s not too late if we act now…”

What is she on about.

“Alright, I’ve decided.”


“To break it.”

Indeed, this option feels right to me.



I kick the closed door with all my might.

I’m gonna have to give him a good barbarian show to get him to change his mind.

Oh, messing with this one might really end badly.

‘Anyway, if the talk goes well, he can’t even ask for a repair fee.’

Even without that, I have enough resources to cover such expenses.

But did they use good wood for the door since it’s the headquarters?

It doesn’t break as easily as I thought.


“Kyaa! Wha, what on earth are you doing—!”

Regardless of what Lady Urbans was saying.

I calmly pull my leg back from the door and grasp my mace.

And then I completely smash the door.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The door evolves into an open form, allowing air to flow freely, and the interior air circulates better.

Beyond the now open doorway, the gazes of staff and explorers are visible.

“……A robbery?”

“No, if it was a robbery, they would go to a bank, why here……”

From those expressing reasonable suspicions, to those simply staring blankly, to those looking as if they’re watching a madman, and finally, to the cunning explorer who saw this as an opportunity.

“Lady, if I handle this, will I get some merit points?”

“Huh? Yes! I remember a rule like that being made about half a year ago!”


The bald man standing next to a female staff member starts to stretch his arms as if warming up and approaches me.

Now that I think about it, there was a similar fellow last time.

When I became the Free Barbarian half a year ago.

I spoke up

‘……I didn’t expect a rank 5 explorer to show up right away. Is the visitor level higher because it’s the headquarters?’

The bald man proudly displays his ID badge, indicating he is a rank 5 explorer.

Well, that doesn’t mean I have to back down.

In fact, he seems like the perfect opponent to gauge my combat strength.


“I’m not here to fight you. Move aside.”

As one of the few modern people in this world, I tried to initiate a dialogue first.

Deciding there was no need to unnecessarily engage in a fight with an explorer.

But the bald man seemed unwilling to miss the opportunity to earn some merit points.

“Hey, Barbarian. Looks like you’ve got a complaint against the guild. If so, you should’ve followed the proper procedures and filed a complaint?”

“A complaint?”

“Ah, you don’t even know the procedure? I guess that makes sense for a barbarian.”

I smiled bitterly.

Barbarian, indeed not a wrong term.

Even barbarians themselves consider each other barbarians.

But only we can call each other that.

“…You, you’ve got a problem with your head. Probably that’s why you went bald.”

“……You have a problem in your head. Probably why you’re bald.”

“What? You little…!”

Perhaps offended by my baldness comment, the bald man charged at me.

Well, he was about to.

“Stop, both of you!!”

Miss Urbans stepped between me and the bald man, shouting. Perhaps unwilling to harm a civilian, the bald man stopped in his tracks.

“Step aside. This man is a criminal who dared to cause a disturbance in the guild. I don’t know who you are, lady, but if you blindly take his side—”

Just as the bald man was threatening Lady Urbans with a snort,

“……Lady Urbans?”

A staff member recognizes her identity, and the situation enters a new phase.

“What? Urbans? The district head’s daughter?”

“Why would such a woman be with such a barbarian…”

Sensing something amiss upon recognizing her identity, the bald man promptly stepped back.

Is it because he’s a rank 5 explorer?

His judgment is indeed quick.

“Is my father upstairs?”

“Huh? Yes! He is, but…”

“We’ll go up together. That’s alright, isn’t it? Please take care of things here….”

“Yes! Of course!”

Thanks to Lady Urbans’ status, the commotion on the first floor was swiftly resolved, and we were able to head upstairs.

Creak, creak.

The wooden stairs groaned under the weight of the fully armored barbarian.

I paused and asked her.

“Why did you help me just now?”

“You wouldn’t have changed your mind anyway.”

Well, that’s true but…

That makes it even less comprehensible.

If she deemed me an impossible ally, why would she offer her help?

“I thought my proposal would ultimately be beneficial for you, Mr. Jandel. But since you don’t wish for it, this must be the right way. I’m sorry for causing you trouble because of my family’s affairs. I’ll speak to my father and explain everything once we’re inside.”

Hmm, this time her sincerity feels more genuine.


“I see.”

I nonchalantly nodded and moved forward.

“Eh? That’s it?”

What else, did she expect me to change my mind?

“Achieve your ambitions on your own.”

I’m not interested in getting involved in bothersome affairs.

The position of a daughter deprived of freedom by her father doesn’t really resonate with me.

If she truly desired independence, she could have just renounced everything.

All the rights and duties that come with being the District Head‘s daughter.

The rights and responsibilities that come with being the district head’s daughter, all of it.


As we arrive at the District Head‘s office, we are greeted by a guard standing in front of it.

“Who is the person accompanying you?”

“He’s a guest here to see my father.”

The guard asked formally, and Lady Urbans somehow muddled through an answer.

Knock knock, the guard knocked on the door to inform the District Head of the situation, and soon we received permission to enter.

“Let them in.”

“You cannot bring weapons inside. Please hand them over.”

As if to comply with the guard’s instruction, I lifted my mace.

And then…


I entered the office with my own strength.


The door of the office, now evolved into an open format.

As we entered, the District Head, seated at his desk with a pen in hand, froze and alternately looked at Miss Urbans and me.

“What in the world…!”

Ending a moment of silence, the guard moved, and the District Head spoke up.

“Enough, you may leave.”


“There’s no need to worry. He’s not that thoughtless.”

“Yes, then.”

The guard, well-trained as usual, left the room without a word. Of course, there was no need to close the door.

Since it no longer existed.


As the guard, who had been lingering in the corridor, went downstairs, the District Head got up from his desk and sat on a sofa.

So, I took a seat directly across from him.


The sofa sank under the weight of the fully armored barbarian, who, true to his nature, did not apologize.

“The sofa’s worn out.”

Veins throbbed on the District Head‘s forehead.

However, he seemed to decide that the sofa wasn’t the important issue here.

“…Enough, tell me what your business is. To come here with my daughter and cause such a scene, there must be a reason.”

“Father, that is…”

“I wasn’t asking you.”

With that one sentence, Lady Urbans froze like a statue.

Despite her bold plans of rebellion, it seems her father still intimidated her.

I spoke bluntly.

“Sort out your family matters between yourselves.”

That was the first reason I came here today.

“Does that mean you’re betraying my daughter?”

“Betrayal or whatever, I never allied with her. Nor will I in the future.”

The District Head looked at me with a meaningful glance, as if trying to gauge my true intentions.

I didn’t bother with excuses.

The judgment was his to make.

“Then why come here with my daughter?”

“She kept bothering me, so I figured it’d be better to talk to you directly. But she followed me. Like a goblin.”

“That, that was because I was trying to prevent any trouble before Mr. Jandel could cause it…!”

Provoked by the mention of a goblin, Lady Urbans spoke up, and as expected, her reaction proved helpful.

“I see. I’ll take your word for it.”

The first goal of clearing up the misunderstanding was thus achieved.

“But if that was your purpose, why behave so rudely?”

The District Head then asked, looking at the shattered door.

“My feelings are unrelated. What do you think people will think of me when they see that broken door?”

Perhaps, they might think of a leader who values communication with his staff and has nothing to hide, embodying transparency and integrity?

With that thought, I smirked.

I understood what he was trying to say.

That I had tarnished his honor.

“I could arrest you right now and no one would say a thing.”

You’re not wrong, but I’m not scared.

I know he can’t.

That’s why I was being so brazen.

“Try arresting me. Then everything you’ve done will come to light as well.”

“…You’re relying on that explorer friend of yours?”

“Of course not.”

I shook my head firmly.

I had no intention of dragging Rotmiller into this affair.

Especially since I had a far better card to play.

“I have a copy of the video where you tried to bribe the mage during my escape from prison.”

“So, the lady from the Altemion School lied to me.”

“She said she wouldn’t show it to anyone, but I don’t recall her saying she wouldn’t make a copy.”

I casually tilted my head, adding to my point.

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but she recently joined our team as a mage.”

In other words, give up any thought of bribing Raven.

The district head’s gaze turned icy.

Still not grasping the situation?

I’m not the same pushover barbarian I was when we first met.

“A District Head attempting to kill the heir of the Barbarian tribe. With the election coming up next year, this would be a juicy scandal.”


“You’re a bit behind on the news. That happened recently.”

The district head clamped his mouth shut, then after a brief pause, asked.

“……What do you want?”

A declaration of complete surrender.

It was time to move on to the second reason for my visit.

The district head had tried to harm me using Rotmiller. Normally, this would warrant smashing his head in at least three times over for such a grave offense.

Of course, extracting such a penalty would involve me in endless troublesome affairs, and I’d become mortal enemies with the District Head from here on.

Therefore, today I would leave it at a warning.

The Dragon Slayer is enough of a headache as it is.


“Whether another misunderstanding arises, or you just dislike me, it doesn’t matter. If you try anything like this again…”

I continued.

“There won’t be any more discussions.”

Releasing an aura of threat, I glared at the District Head, causing him to stiffen. It might not be as dramatic as a scene from the [GHOSTBUSTERS], but it should suffice as a warning.


Having finished my business, I stood up from the sofa without any hesitation.

The District Head asked as if spitting out the words.

“Aren’t you going to listen to my response?”

What’s the point of hearing it, would it change anything?

I smirked.

And then…


I grabbed the ends of the table between us with both hands and bent it using just my arm strength.

“This table has seen better days too.”

That concluded today’s negotiation.

But if I ever have to return here.

“Then I’ll be on my way. I’m getting hungry.”

What this man would lose wouldn’t just be a door or a table.