Surviving The Game As A Barbarian Episode 158

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Male Lion(4)

In the meeting, the reason for mentioning the holy relic was simple.

Apart from the part that it’s closely related to me and a bit concerning, the advantages outweigh that concern.

‘It definitely helps with the whole mystique act, for one part’

Right after the clown had hyped up the atmosphere?

Rather than suddenly bringing up something about a labyrinth, this seemed more plausible.

You were curious about some information earlier, weren’t you?

Here, let me tell you. It’s about a relic.

When I threw this out, I figured it would leave the members, who were expecting some information, speechless.

Indeed, this judgment was not wrong.

Instead of disappointment, I could see that their expectations of me had grown even more.

“…Do you happen to know where the Master is?”

To the fox’s question, I shrugged nonchalantly.

It meant that if you bring something interesting, there’s nothing I couldn’t tell you.  The fox squeezed her tiny hand as if she understood.

As if determined to hear it someday.

‘I’ll probably tell her it’s boring anyway…’

Though my conscience pricked me, I quickly brushed it off.

After all, it’s a business relationship with a mask.

It would be right to be strictly self-interested.

‘At least she’s motivated,’ I thought.

That was the second advantage I had judged.

The structure of the Watchers of the Round Table doesn’t guarantee perfect anonymity. The mere possession of information unknown to others means access to a status that can reach that information.

The Crescent Moon talked a lot about fairies, and the Fox seemed to be up to date on people or events rather than hidden pieces.

Of course, unlike the goblin whose identity as a paladin was exposed, the other masks seemed to keep their boundaries.

However, to bring in interesting information, one has to reveal their hand.

If this concept is utilized well, it could greatly aid in deducing their identities.

‘I’m not too curious about the others, but I’m kind of curious about the clown..’

In this sense, this was a good opportunity.

They’re as curious about my identity as I am about theirs.

Given the situation, I can only divulge information related to the labyrinth, so I must not miss the chance to appear knowledgeable.

It might be fine the first few times.

But if it continues like that, it might raise suspicions that I know a lot about the game but am actually useless.

Anyway, that brings us to the third advantage.

[I want to buy information about who received the divine revelation.]

The clown had already shown a keen interest in the divine revelation, and it makes sense to use this information if it’s going to be known anyway.

Of course, I’m not sure how much he’ll be able to find out. I don’t know how tight-lipped the people in the Temple are.


‘It might be verifiable through him.’

If the clown, who is regarded as high-level in the Watchers of the Round Table, can’t find out?

Then I can also be at ease.

It would mean the secret is well kept.

With my chin propped up, I was deep in thought when the Fox suggested we take another round.

Under her lead, the second round began.

This time, it started with the Goblin again, but there was a bit of a hiccup from the start.

After getting a red light, he barely managed to get a green light on his next attempt…….

The members unanimously raised objections.

“A saint’s real name. Maybe there’s a use for it somewhere if you look it up…….”

“You’re trying to get by too easily.”

“Maybe before, but now, it’s difficult to pass with such information.”

Eventually, the goblin had to bring out new information that was significant enough for the members to acknowledge, and with difficulty, the turn moved to the next person.

Oh, and by the way, the information was about the temple.

‘If it’s the Second Paladin Commander, then it must be that woman who was with Krobitz when the divine revelation was given. Who would have thought she was a lesbian?’

Although it was scandalous information, the members surprisingly did not object.

Their thoughts seemed pretty clear.

If evidence could be gathered, it would be a precious piece of information that could be used as leverage against the Second Paladin commander. In a world where homosexuality is considered a grave sin.

“Now, it’s my turn.”

The next in line, the fox mask, talked about what double numbered item would appear at the Sky Auction.

“Using one piece of information twice, I see.”

Deer antlers voiced his dissatisfaction, but it didn’t go as far as an objection.

He knew as well.

What Double Numbered items are worth.

The rounds continued, and members revealed secretive information.

Deer Antlers shared information related to royal politics, while Crescent Moon discussed how a successor of the fairy race had committed a grave sin and was stripped of their position.

“Hmm, now it’s my turn?”

The Clown, who had dropped a bombshell with the information about the six-person binding magic, opted for a more moderate revelation this time.

Well, maybe a little too ordinary?

“The masks we are wearing were not chosen randomly.”

“What do you mean?”

“The master said that when choosing your first mask, you end up choosing the one most similar to your fate.”

It was an intriguing statement.

Though somewhat ambiguous in terms of utility.

“That’s why Mr Goblin seems so shallow to me: a weak character and a suitably weak fate.”

The goblin mask, having become the target of the clown’s no-fucks-given example, quivered.

Did that look a bit pitiful?

“I don’t know about the goblin, but clown. I think I understand why you’re so annoying,” Deer Antlers muttered mockingly at the clown.

However, the clown just laughed it off without showing any annoyance.

“But this doesn’t seem like very important information.”

“Yes. It’s interesting that the Master said that, but…”

“Bring out something more helpful.”

Faced with the disapproval of three members, the clown clicked his tongue.

“Tch, I gave you a clue about fate, and this is how it’s received? Is this like a pearls necklace on a pig?”

Mumbling, the clown glanced at me.

As usual, I offered no response and remained silent.

Silence is golden, as they say.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to give you something more to your level.”

Then, the clown brought out new information.

It was about the Explorers’ Guild, and this time, there were no objections.

Now, it was my turn again.

I chose one of the pieces of information I had prepared.

It was high-quality information, but so high-quality that it was almost useless even if you knew it.

“The Stone of Resurrection truly exists.”

As soon as I finished speaking, everyone’s gaze converged on the center of the Round Table.

And the moment the gem emitted a green light.



Silence fell.


“Um, what is the Stone of Resurrection…?”

Goblin was the first to break the silence.

As he cautiously asked his question, Fox answered.

“It’s an item that can bring people back to life. Or, that’s what it’s rumored to be.”

The ‘Stone of Resurrection’ was an item known only by rumors within the game.

That made sense.

To obtain it required luck and meeting insane conditions.

The first time I got it was purely by accident, and the next time I couldn’t get it even though I knew the conditions. How could the kids who completed the cheat version know?

“Does it really bring the dead back to life?”

Crescent Moon asked cautiously.

Excitement barely concealed in his voice.

Perhaps he had someone he wished to revive?


I gave them a bit of service in return for the valuable information I had received today.

“With the Stone of Resurrection, reviving the dead is possible.”

Though it comes with complex conditions, the effect itself is as rumored.

But could that not have been enough?

“Then, by any chance, does anyone know who has—”


I cut off Crescent Moon’s words coldly.

If he wants to hear more, he should come back with information worth it.

Crescent Moon quickly regained his composure.

“Then, could you at least tell me what interests you? I really need that item.”

Hmm, I hadn’t expected this development.

I pondered for a moment.

As the odd ball in a male lion mask, bored and unamused by everything, attending such a gathering in search of something entertaining, what would he say?

Soon, an appropriate line came to mind.

“I don’t know.”

The Lion himself doesn’t know.

“What I’m interested in.”

A bit melodramatic, but aside from that, it’s a decent concept.

This way, they’d naturally bring a wide range of useful information…

And it would be easy to deem whatever they say as uninteresting.

“It won’t be easy to amuse someone like you.”

Crescent Moon sighed deeply.

Determination to find out was evident in his eyes. Feeling a twinge of conscience, I turned away and looked into the distance.

Did that seem lonely?

No one spoke, and a moment of silence ensued.

“Hmm! Now, what shall we do? If everyone’s okay with it, shall we take another round?”

Soon, the fox took the role of the moderator and led the conversation, and the goblin raised his hand.

“I’ll be leaving at this point. I don’t have any more information that would satisfy you all.”

“Then I’ll leave too. I came prepared just in case, but seeing the level today, I don’t feel confident anymore.”

As the goblin and then the deer horn declared their non-participation, it was naturally decided that the meeting would come to an end.

But what is this again?

‘Ah, not this again?’

Everyone is silently looking at me without leaving.

It was the same at the last meeting.

Though they pretend not to, everyone seems curious about my evaluation.

Well, last time, their pride must have been hurt.

Last time, I had shown my disappointment by asking “That’s it?”

‘…So what should I say this time?’

After pondering for a moment, I made my decision.

And after glancing over everyone wearing various masks, I smirked as if to say their effort was admirable.

“Look forward to the next.”

Thanks to you, I’m leaving with some juicy information.


In the room with the round table from which Mr. Lion had departed.

The goblin let out a question he had been holding back in a dazed voice.

“……Who exactly is that person?”

“It’s clear he’s no ordinary person.”

The antler horn replied curtly, and the goblin let out a long sigh.

It was just something he said, hoping they could guess together.

Why am I always treated like this?

Then, the goblin shared what he had been thinking alone.

“……Maybe he’s one of our own.”

“Pfft, what are you talking about, Goblin?”

“Only less than ten people in our order knew about the divine revelation. Each of them was at least a high priest or a leader level. If he was one of them, everything would be explained—”

“Ha, I wondered what you were talking about.”

The clown suddenly interrupted and snapped irritably.

“That’s why you’re always underestimated. Why are your thoughts so simple? That man is a High priest? A leader? Do you think he’s only that much?”

“But! If not, it doesn’t make sense. It hasn’t even been a fortnight since the divine revelation was given……”

“Ts, pathetic. Can’t you think that one of them might have been humanly involved?”

“That’s impossible……”

The goblin trailed off, as if the idea was ludicrous.

After all, he knows how devout the high-ranking officials of the temple are.

They are not the ones to serve under an outsider.

But what is this again?

“Wait, do you all think the same?”

Everyone except him seemed to easily accept that nonsensical idea.

“There’s no other explanation.”

“Honestly, I thought he might be a kind of an isolated hero. But that wasn’t it either.”

“Maybe we are connected to a bigger fish than we imagined.”

At this point, even Goblin started to have doubts.

Could it be that man’s influence had reached the core of the church?

Of course, they couldn’t be sure yet.

So, the goblin focused on the conversation that followed.

“Then let’s put our heads together with the remaining time. We might not find out his identity, but we might figure out what kind of person he is.”

“That’s a good idea. Perhaps we can find out what he’s interested in.”

With the fox’s suggestion, a collective intelligence-based deduction began.

The goal was to uncover Mr. Lion’s identity.

“Let me start. That person didn’t even show interest in double numbered items. Perhaps he’s so strong that he doesn’t need such things.”

“The plan to subdue Noark was the same. He didn’t flinch when he heard it. There must be eyes and ears in the core of the royal family.”

“Kekeke, I don’t know, but he must have killed at least thousands. To not know what he’s interested in, I haven’t seen many humans degenerate to that extent.”

As each person shared their observations, it felt as if they were all under some sort of spell.

The culmination of this was Crescent’s speculation.

“Maybe… he knows all about our identities.”

“What do you mean, Crescent?”

“When he mentioned the stone of resurrection, he was looking straight at me. As if he knew my story.”

The goblin couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

It’s clear he’s no ordinary person, but isn’t this too much of a leap?

‘It’s more likely a coincidence… After all, his seat was right in front of Crescent Moon, wasn’t it?’

Of course, he only thought this to himself.

Everyone was taking Crescent Moon’s words seriously.

“Hmm, suddenly, why he brought up the Stone of Resurrection becomes a bit questionable, but now it makes sense.”

The clown was completely convinced, and the others also thought the possibility was worth considering.

Slowly, even the goblin started to feel confused.

When all the smart people around him said the same thing, he began to think it might actually be possible.


At that moment, the fox clapped her hands loudly.

“The mask! There’s the mask, right?”

“The mask… you say?”

“Yes. If we think about that mask, might we get a sense of what kind of person he is?”

“Hmm, indeed, if what the clown says is true, we might be able to understand his tendencies.”

“Lion, huh…”

One by one, the members started to share their thoughts on what comes to mind when thinking of a Lion.

“Well, when I think of a lion, the first thing that comes to mind is the story about them dropping their cubs off a cliff right after birth.”

“The one that survives is the only one raised, that story? It’s all rumors. But, to become that strong, one would have to go through hardships harsher than falling off a cliff.”

“Pfft, aside from the king of beasts, nothing else comes to mind. Could it mean that Mr. Lion will become a king someday?”

“Hmm, he certainly didn’t seem like someone who would act under someone else.”

“I’ve heard that in the East, the lion was used as a symbol of the emperor.”

“The symbol of an emperor! Now, that’s interesting!”

The goblin just quietly listened to their conversation.

And then, a thought suddenly occurred to him.

‘Lions practice polygamy… Could it mean he’s just someone with a lot of good fortune with women?’

Of course, this thought remained internal too.

Because saying it out loud would just invite disdainful looks.