Surviving The Game As A Barbarian Episode 156

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Male Lion(2)

The community of spirits, GHOSTBUSTERS.

My own source of information that Misha and Aynar are unaware of.

‘Alright, let’s do this.’

I turn on the computer, ignoring Lee Han-Soo’s temptingly comfortable bed.

In the 12 hours that this community is active.

There’s information I must find within that time.

‘Orcules, Noark, Dragon Slayer.’

What used to be tales of faraway lands are now closely tied to my survival.

Books from the library have their limits.

After all, the books are inherently slow to update with the latest information.

[1~140,000GP] All information related to Orcules.

First, I posted the information on the exchange and then opened a chat room. I realised that this would be much more helpful than the exchange.

[Long Live Korean Independence] – 1 user is currently connected.

Lee Baek-Ho entered the chat room as soon as the community opened. He was quite regretful when logging out last time, worried I might not come back.

Like a child not wanting to be separated from their parents.

‘Sigh, it’s not easy coming across someone like that.’

A sense of bitterness emerged.

A symbol of misfortune dragged here on the day of his discharge, a veteran who’s survived in this world for nearly 10 years.

Lee Baek-Ho is very favorable towards me, but…

I can’t fully trust him.

[Ah… you see, I’m actually in hiding, so I’m a bit weak on the latest information.]

Last time, he said he was in hiding. That’s why he was weak with the latest information and introduced me to “The Watchers of the Round Table.”

Last time, I just skimmed over it…….

But I can’t rule out the possibility that he might be a member of Orcules or the underground city Noark.

‘No matter if we’re both Koreans, here, we’re just faces without names to each other.’

I organized my thoughts.

Maintaining a relationship with Lee Baek-Ho offers more benefits than losses.

So, I’ll gently probe his identity, but not push too hard, and subtly gather information about Orcules.

At that moment, I double-clicked the mouse.


A large room reminiscent of a noble’s mansion.

Without a moment to look around, Lee Baek-Ho ran towards me.

“Ah, Han-Soo hyung! Why did you only come now!”

“Well, I came as soon as I could…”

“I was so scared I thought you were dead!”

I wondered if he was being serious, but his eyes were fierce and his head was ruffled.

It hasn’t even been 5 minutes since the community opened, and he’s reacting like this.

How desperately lonely must he have been—

“Hyung, you can’t die yet! We haven’t even talked about idols, or cursed politicians and the military. You’re the only one I can do that with…! We also have to talk about Dungeon Fighter!”

Ah, so… that was the issue.

It’s funny to expect normal human sensibilities from a guy who’s survived here for ten years.

I chuckled and sat down.

“Stop it. I’m not dead.”

“Okay. So what do you want to talk about? Oh, the third Lovable album, that’s got to be the best, right?”

No, I don’t know who Lovable is…….

I wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry, so I naturally changed the subject, because it would be embarrassing to admit that I didn’t know.

“……Let’s talk about the military.”

“Great! Oh? But you were a public service worker, weren’t you?”

“I still went through basic training, dude.”


Was the story of a trainee soldier not interesting enough? Lee Baek-Ho made a strange face and cautiously spoke to me.

“Hyung, maybe we should just talk about Dungeon Fighter…”

“I haven’t played that.”

“What?!! Weren’t you a public service worker?!”

Lee Baek-Ho acted as if he had heard something unbelievable.

But did he come to his senses in the nick of time?

“Ah! I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t mean that. You know, right?”

“……Let’s just go with that.”


The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Lee Baek-ho scratched his cheeks, looking somewhat dejected.

I could understand his psychology.

Being happy about finding another Korean, only to realize we didn’t have much in common—

“Pfft! Pffhahahaha……”

“Why are you laughing?”

“No, hyung, but don’t you find something funny about the conversation we just had?”

Is it? I’m not sure.

What part of it was so funny.

“I can’t explain well, but just now, I really felt like I had returned to Korea.”

Ah, that.

“……I think I might know what you mean. I get the feeling.”


Soon after, Lee Baek-ho chuckled and leaned back in his chair. Instead of forcibly initiating topics, the conversation flowed naturally.

It started with what kind of work we did and naturally progressed to sharing stories, eventually leading to stories about the military.

“Training camp was funny, I didn’t realize there were so many crazy people in my country.”

“I guess it’s the environment, you know, once everyone gets out, they become normal.”

“True… We never thought we’d end up like this, did we? If we ever go back, we’ll probably need to check into a mental hospital first?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this.”

“No? Haven’t you thought about it, hyung? If someone gets in the way, kill them. If you suspect them, kill them. When you meet someone new, you worry if they’ll harm you. Human life… It just feels like a game character. Isn’t that crazy?”

The air settled heavy, as if the laughter from a moment ago had been a lie.

” You’ll adapt quickly. Just like when you first came here.”

“……Will I?”


A brief silence followed.

Lee Baek-Ho was the first to break it.

“Anyway, that’s why I’m grateful to you, hyung. Honestly, I’ve been wondering if there’s really any need to go back. Not because I like it here… You know what I mean.”


“You might not think it’s a big deal, but to me, it’s motivation. Laughing here makes me believe I can do the same when I go back.”


That word left me feeling an inexplicable sense of discomfort.

However, I didn’t probe deeper.

It wasn’t the time to be certain of anything, and I figured there was nothing to gain from stirring things up.

“Ah, by the way, do you know about those Orcules guys?”

I smoothly brought up the main topic.

As if I was trying to end the heavy atmosphere, I tossed the topic casually, focusing on Lee Baek-Ho’s reaction.

There wasn’t much change in his expression.


“Orcules? Why are you curious about them?”

Lee Baek-Ho asked the reason first.

Until now, he had smoothly answered whatever I asked.

My curiosity grew.

What exactly is his identity?


“To get to the last floor, we need the Creation Relics. I was wondering if they might have stolen it. Oh, you’ve heard about the theft too, right?”

Without a moment’s silence, I delivered the lines I had prepared, and Lee Baek-Ho nodded slightly.

“Yeah. I know. But that’s why you asked… I’m relieved.”


“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Lee Baek-Ho brushed it off casually.

“Anyway, Hyung, you thought that far. Actually, I had the same thought.

“You don’t think so now?”

“Yeah. I tried various ways to check, but it doesn’t seem like it. Besides, all the Creation Relics were stolen about half a year ago, right?”

“Stolen all at once?”

“Ah, you didn’t know. All six races were robbed. On the same day.”

Huh, the elder did mention that other races might be in a similar situation.

That turned out to be true.

“Realistically, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe other races, but stealing from dragons or humans too? No matter how powerful they are, they can’t do that. Well, I investigated just in case, but I didn’t find any clues.”

“So you also don’t know who stole them?”

“Yeah. If hyung finds any clues, please let me know. As you know, there’s no other way back home, right?”

Asking about Orcules led to an unexpected discovery.

He also doesn’t know anything about the Creation Relics.

I even briefly fantasized that he might be the ultimate villain.

“Hyung, you’re not thinking about something else, right? Like a competitor. After all, up to five people can open the door together. I can be of help.”

“No, it’s not that…”

I couldn’t outright say what I was thinking, so I vaguely deflected.

“It’s just strange to hear you say that. How could I find traces that you couldn’t?”

“Well, if you put it that way… But somehow, I think hyung is special. I’ve felt that since I first saw you.”

“……Now I don’t know what to say if you put it like that.”

“Hey, hyung, you also played the game at 10x mod, right? Maybe in about 10 years, you’ll be similar to me? Honestly, I don’t have much room for improvement anymore…”

Putting aside his remark about not being able to get stronger.

The casual tone in which he spoke revealed Lee Baek-Ho’s mental strength. He had already accepted that finding the Creation Relics might take over 10 years.

And yet, he hadn’t thought of giving up.

What kind of determination does he have?

“By the way, want to hear something interesting? You probably didn’t know. It’s a setting not in the game.”

“What is it?”

“There’s a huge underground city beneath the sewers. Called Noarark.”


I maintained my composure.

Should I say it’s a blessing in disguise?

I never expected him to bring up the topic first.

“Yeah. Since we are talking about Orcules. Actually, that’s also their base. You know about the Ormi Revolutionary Army, right?”

I smirked at the slightly off-beat name.

“They used to appear as special events. They’d approach anyone with a bit of fame, suggesting we overthrow the world together.”

Noarark was created by them too. After failing in their rebellion, they all fled below.”

“Interesting. So, what now?”

“That’s all. their goals are somewhat similar, so they ended up collaborating down there.”

The collaboration between Noarark and Orcules.

This was something I had also learned from a letter left by Ludwig, the high priest.

In other words, what comes next is crucial.

How can I inquire about the Dragon Slayer without raising suspicion?

I was pondering this when…

“Hyung, just in case, I’m telling you, if the royal family or guild sends any requests related to them, don’t even think about getting involved.”

“I think I need to hear the reason first.”

“Ah, this will make for a long story…”

Lee Baek-Ho sighed deeply as he looked at me, then quickly continued.

“There’s this guy called the Dragon Slayer who really messed up this time. Seems like he kidnapped the High Priest and was dragging him around but then lost him. Someone found the letter by chance and brought it to the temple, or something like that.”

I swallowed hard before asking.

“……How did that happen?”

“I don’t know the details. They say he lost his memory, and doesn’t even know what happened to him.”

Lost his memory?

Could this be related to a vine being severed?

I wanted to ask more, but Lee Baek-Ho didn’t give me a chance, finishing up his rapid-fire speech.

“Anyway, what I want to say is, the royal family might assemble a punitive force since they broke the agreement first, so don’t even think about joining.”


“They aren’t just hanging around down there anymore. You’ll only get hurt if you get involved. Got it? Ah shit, it’s already time. Hyung! See you next time—”

Lee Baek-Ho’s voice and form disappeared into thin air.

“Damn it.”


Meaning, the time was up, and I was disconnected.

After Lee Baek-Ho disappeared.

I returned to my room and spent some time organizing my thoughts.

Or, to be precise, I mulled over one of his sentences over and over.

[I don’t know the details either. He lost his memory, doesn’t even know what happened to him?]

Considering the pill that psychopathic bitch forced on me, it was entirely possible.

But the problem was whether this was true.

Lee Baek-Ho could have heard this rumor created by the Orcules and then passed it on to me.

But if this was true…

‘The severed vine does make sense.’

It was somewhat convincing.

This ring doesn’t cut off the bad karma.

It just delays it.

‘Eventually getting caught is just a matter of time.’

If he traces the letter back to whoever gave it to the church, he’ll eventually find out about me.

There’s also the issue of disposing of the dragon slayer sword.

Even if not, the possibility remains open that Noarark has the means to restore memories.


‘My task remains unchanged.’

I sat back at the computer and continued with what I had to do.

I checked the forums to see if anyone was selling information, and if they were, I found them and bought them for a reasonable price.

It didn’t have to be about the Dragon Slayer. I gathered and gathered, assuming that all of them could be enemies.

How long had it passed?


It was time for The Watchers of the Round Table to open.

I intentionally waited until there was 1 minute left to join the entry time before entering the secret chat room.

After all, the essence of playing a role lies in the details.


As I put on the Lion mask that was on the table, the closed door opened.

A long red carpet led to the room with the round table.

As I walked slowly, I could hear voices conversing from a distance.

“Will that person not come this time?”

“It wouldn’t be strange. Someone of that caliber doesn’t necessarily need us.”

“Who is that person anyway? Why does everyone act like that?”

A voice I hadn’t heard before was mixed in.

It seems to be a new member who hadn’t attended before…

“It’s hard to explain.”

“He’s an eccentric. So, if you ever meet him, be sure to watch your words. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time.”

The newbie, hearing the seasoned member’s advice, said,

“Ha, I really don’t get it. Why are you all so scared? Physical force doesn’t work on us, and he doesn’t know our identities, so what’s there to fear?”

“Shh. There’s just one thing, isn’t there? A killing intent.”

“What… No matter how strong that killing intent is, we should be able to defend against it, right?”

The newbie muttered as if it was ridiculous.

Therefore, I also resumed my halted steps, making my presence known.


The sound of my heavy footsteps made all the members seated at the round table turn their heads. And I quietly passed behind them to sit in the seat I occupied last time.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Lion.”

Aside from the Clown, everyone cautiously remained silent.

Perhaps the atmosphere was not to their liking, because the newbie acted like a newbie and laughed awkwardly.

“Ah, uh… So, there really was a new person? Ha, ha.”

I quietly observed the newbie.

And then, I unleashed the killing intent I had been practicing diligently.


Well, if a newbie has arrived, it’s only right to assert dominance.

That’s a tradition here, isn’t it?