Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 645

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The person who was targeting his life was So Geoksan

‘If we don’t get rid of him, the damage will increase.’

The martial arts skills of Jeok-hon were the exact opposite of those of the assassins.

Not only was he strong in martial arts, but his senses were extraordinarily heightened, so he could easily detect the presence of assassins.

The entire Red Annihilation Army possessed this heightened sensitivity.

It was a characteristic of the martial art they all practiced

Dark Circle Sensing Technique

The masters of this technique could heighten their senses to the extreme and detect even the slightest movement.

It was the perfect counter to the stealth techniques of the assassins.

He had no way of knowing that his opponent had mastered it. He could only sense that his opponent was a match for him.

If he didn’t eliminate Jeok-hon and the Red Annihilation Army, the casualties among the assassins would multiply exponentially.

He had to be dealt with, and swiftly.

So Geoksan held his breath and looked at Jeok-hon.

His hiding place was beneath a corpse not far from Jeok-hon.

The identity of the dead man was unknown.

Whether it was from the Golden Heavenly Hall or the Silver Lotus Hall, he didn’t know – nor did he care.

What mattered was that the body provided an excellent cover.

From his concealed position, So Geoksan’s gaze remained fixed on Jeok-hon, standing at the center of the battlefield.

The mere sight sent chills down his spine.

Even an assassin of So Geoksan’s caliber felt fear in the presence of such a formidable enemy.

He wondered why such a powerful individual was unknown to Kangho.

A prickling sensation covered So Geoksan’s skin.

The energy waves from Jeok-hon were irritating his skin.

If So Geoksan made a move, those waves would ripple and reveal his position.

“What a bastard.

To detect an assassin’s movements through his energy waves.

If there were such a man in Kangho, there would be no place for the assassins.
Jeok-hon knew he was hiding somewhere.

He just doesn’t know exactly where.

“A battle of patience.

He hadn’t engaged in such a battle of patience in ages.

So Geoksan relaxed his body, knowing that tension would be of no help here.

He needed to be as calm as a tranquil pond and seamlessly blend with his surroundings.

“Let’s see,”

Jeok-hon gripped his sword, scanning the area.

There was definitely an assassin lurking nearby.

Not just any assassin.

Though the assassin momentarily revealed a hint of killing intent, he almost magically concealed his presence.

Certainly, not an ordinary assassin.

“Perhaps one of the assassin leaders?”

A sly smile played on his lips.

Jeok-hon unleashed the full extent of his Dark Circle Sensing technique.

In an instant, the energy waves grew denser, radiating in all directions.


At that moment, a nearby Silver Lotus Hall martial artist spotted him and attacked.

A look of annoyance appeared on Jeok-hon’s face.

Instead of the prey he desired, he had caught an insignificant minnow.

‘No, this might actually be good.’

The assassin targeting him, So Geoksan, wouldn’t emerge unless the odds were almost certainly in his favor. So he might as well expose a loophole and draw him out.

Jeok-hon deliberately exposed a gap in his back and swung his sword.



The charging Silver Lotus Hall martial artist was swiftly decapitated.

That was the moment.

So Geoksan, who had been hiding and biding his time, launched a surprise attack.

He had taken the bait thrown by Jeok-hon.

He knew it was a trap, but the bait was too sweet to resist.

So Geoksan bit hard on the lure.


His blade quickly closed in on Jeok-hon’s throat.

‘Victory is mine.’

Just as So Geoksan was certain of his triumph, a faint defensive aura enveloped Jeok-hon.

So Geoksan recognized the nature of the aura.

‘A defensive… qi?’


In an instant, So Geoksan’s blade was deflected by the barrier.

“Heh heh! Got you.”

With a smirk, Jeok-hon swung his sword from behind.

His sword was now enveloped in a radiant sword aura.


With no room to dodge, So Geoksan hastily focused his qi on his blade and tried to counter the sword aura.

The aura clashed fiercely.



So Geoksan screamed in shock, as if he had been struck by a giant sledgehammer.


With eyes full of fury, Jeok-hon attacked.

Weakened by the sword aura, So Geoksan lacked the strength to fend off Jeok-hon’s assault.

‘This is the end.’

He regretted taking the bait.

He thought he could handle it, but Jeok-hon’s martial prowess vastly exceeded his own.

He deserved to die for not recognizing his opponent’s strength.

A crimson sword aura descended.

So Geoksan closed his eyes, awaiting the final blow.


A loud noise erupted, and So Geoksan’s body rocked. But he didn’t feel the pain he expected.

Cautiously, he opened his eyes.

Standing in front of him, blocking the deadly blow, was a one-armed martial artist.

So Geoksan immediately recognized him.

‘Hwangbo… Chiseung?’

The man was known as the One-Armed Fist King.

In that critical moment, Hwangbo Chiseung intervened, saving So Geoksan’s life.

Fixating his gaze on Jeok-hon, Hwangbo Chiseung spoke,

“Are you alright?”

“I’m… fine.”

“Leave him to me. Go deal with the others.”


Without hesitation, So Geoksan responded.

This was no time for pride.

He sprinted away without looking back.

Jeok-hon glared at Hwangbo Chiseung, his hand trembling around his sword handle.

Such was the shock he felt.

Who are you?”

“They call me Hwangbo Chiseung.”

“The One-Armed Fist King?”

“You’ve heard of me?”

“Weren’t you gaining quite the reputation lately? What’s your relationship with the assassins?”

“We serve the same master.”


“The Reaper, Pyo Wol. He is my master.”

At Hwangbo Chiseung’s response, Jeok-hon’s eyes twitched.

Pyo Wol was not someone to be taken lightly.

No, he was more dangerous than anyone else.

Jeok-hon surveyed the surroundings and inquired,

“Where is he?”

“Where do you think?”

“Are you playing games with me… Don’t tell me?”

Jeok-hon’s face turned ashen.

His worst suspicion had arisen.

“You’re targeting our Lord?”

“That’s right.”

“Madness. How dare a mere assassin like him target the Lord?”

“He is no mere assassin.”

“Hmph! No matter how you dress it up, the fact he’s an assassin won’t change.”

“Believe what you will.”

“I’ll kill you first, then hunt down and kill the Reaper.”

“I’ve wanted to fight a master like you for a long time.”

Jeok-hon wore a look of disbelief.

Hwangbo Chiseung may have recently gained fame in Kangho, but he was still considered a rising talent. Jeok-hon himself, on the other hand, was an unrivaled master who had been active for decades. Though he operated in the shadows and lacked public recognition, his martial prowess was second to none.

Had it not been so, Jang Cheon-hwa wouldn’t have taken him as a close confidant.

“I’ll take your head in an instant.”


Jeok-hon unleashed his sword aura.

“It won’t be that easy.”

Hwangbo Chiseung thrust forward with his single fist, emitting a powerful energy.

It was a fist aura.


Sword and fist aura collided in mid-air.


The battlefield seemed devoid of humanity.

The madness in the air paralyzed the martial artists’ reason, and the scorching heat made their anger explode.

Martial Artists’, consumed by this frenzy, acted no different than wild beasts.



Screams and cries rang out, and death swept across the battlefield like a plague.

“This is madness.”

Watching the scene from afar, Hong Ye-seol shook her head.

Though she took pride in navigating her way through hellish scenarios, she had never seen an entire battlefield consumed by such insanity.

Moreover, most of the martial artists here were disciples or children of prestigious sects.

Despite being groomed in etiquette and decorum since childhood, they had now cast aside all semblance of civility, battling with the ferocity of wild beasts.

Even for Hong Ye-seol, who is known for her grit, the scene was overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Pyo Wol watched the battlefield with an unchanged expression.

‘They won’t last much longer.’

The current stalemate seemed even, but the Silver Lotus Hall was at a disadvantage. They were only holding on because of the assassins’ help, but even the slightest change would tip the scales in their favor.

Pyo Wol commanded,

“Let’s go.”


The duo moved across the battlefield.

Though intense battles raged nearby, few recognized Pyo Wol .

It wasn’t mere stealth or shadow techniques.

He blended perfectly with his surroundings.

To the martial artists of the Golden Heavenly Hall, he seemed like one of them, and the martial artists of the Silver Lotus Hall perceived him as an ally.

So when they saw him pass by, they didn’t even bother to look.

Thanks to this, Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-seol were able to reach the other end of the battlefield unhindered.

It was then.

“Ha! Strange. Very strange.”

Suddenly, a muffled voice came out.

It was a very bizarre voice with slurred pronunciation.

A chill ran down Hong Ye-seol’s spine.

It wasn’t just that the voice came out of nowhere, but that she felt an eerie sensation as if a sharp blade was digging into the nape of her neck.

The voice belonged to an old man with snow-white hair and a beard.

With a tobacco pipe in his mouth, he stared directly at where Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-seol stood.

“Heh! Strange indeed. Are my eyes deceiving me?”

He fixed his gaze upon Pyo Wol.

There was a very puzzling light in his eyes.

Even though the people were clearly in front of him, they seemed shrouded in mist, their presence blurred.

“Has my vision dulled already? Why do they appear so faint?”

Rubbing his eyes, the old man grumbled.

Switching his gaze to Hong Ye-seol, she appeared crystal clear.

“Hmm! Some sort of illusion technique?”

The old man lightly tapped his head with his tobacco pipe.

Ash fluttered down, but he paid it no mind. Suddenly, his gaze intensified.

Concentrating the internal energy into his eyes, he remarked,

“Now I see clearly. Who might you be? Since you’re using a technique to conceal your identity, I assume you’re not from a mainstream sect.”

“If you wish to know our identities, shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?”

“Heh! Formalities on a battlefield? Still, you’re not wrong. They call me Cheol Geum-ak, the Third Elder of the Heavenly Martial Sect.”

“Third Elder? So there are other elders too?”

“You’re quite curious. But you still haven’t answered my question.”


Instead of replying, Pyo Wol called out to Hong Ye-seol.


“He’s formidable.”

“I’m aware.”

“Please handle this.”

“Leave it to me.”

Hong Ye-seol nodded in acknowledgment.

Pyo Wol paused to glance at her, then continued on.

Cheol Geum-ak looked on, dumbfounded.

“You, you…”

Feeling as though he was being mocked, fury flashed across his face.

Just as he was about to attack Pyo Wol , he noticed that Hong Ye-seol had vanished without a

“An assassin?”

There was only one kind of being that could have tricked his senses and disappeared in such a short time.

“An assassin? Damn it.”

Hong Ye-seol was lurking somewhere, targeting his life.

Had he known this would happen, he would’ve attacked the moment he first noticed them.