Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 638

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There was a secret room in the basement of the Nameless Estate.

It was vast and shrouded in darkness.

Not a single ray of light penetrated the room, only darkness.

The darkness was so thick that a normal person couldn’t make out a single detail.
Pyo Wol walked through the darkness.

Despite the darkness, his eyes could clearly see the scenery around him.

Within the darkness, there were places where one could hide.

The debris filled the underground space, reminiscent of the ruins of a city.

As Pyo Wol stepped into this underground space, shadows arose from the ruins.

Blending seamlessly into the darkness, these dark figures glared menacingly at Pyo Wol, an intruder in their realm.


They drew their weapons and silently approached Pyo Wol.

There was neither sound nor warning.

They approached Pyo Wol like ghosts, completely erasing their presence. And without warning, they struck at Pyo Wol.

Even as they swung their weapons, there was no sound

They had erased the sound of their attacks with their internal energy.

Swords, blades, and secret weapons flew towards him.

Pyo Wol noticed. But he didn’t stop walking.

At that moment, the Soul Reaping Thread shot out to block the incoming weapons.


When the Soul Reaping Thread clashed with their weapons, the sound resonated.

Pyo Wol deflected swords, dodged blades, and struck back forcefully, never pausing in his steps.

The shadowy figures continued their relentless assault.

They covertly approached Pyo Wol, launching a silent barrage of attacks. Still, they remained utterly silent.



The Soul Reaping Thread struck the shadowy figures, sending several crashing into the walls.
Under such impact, any ordinary being would’ve cried out in pain, but these shadows emitted no sound.

In a matter of moments, the formation of the black shadows crumbled.

However, like a swarm of ants, they continued to pour out endlessly.

They circled around Pyo Wol, assaulting him in waves.

In response, Pyo Wol unleashed all of his Soul Reaping Threads.

Ten ghost blades hung from the tip of each soul reaping thread.


The ghost blades collided with the weapons of the black shadows.

The sound of clashing metals reverberated, shaking the very darkness itself.

The black shadows resembled a black tidal wave.

Even though they were shattered and scattered after the clash with Pyo Wol, they regrouped and attacked again.

Their assault was relentless.

If it were an ordinary martial artist, he would have been killed by their attacks dozens of times over. But Pyo Wol was no ordinary martial artist.

His eyes pierced the darkness, and his ears caught every faint sound that echoed in the darkness.

His skin sensed the slightest shift in the air, anticipating his opponent’s movements.

Although the shadowy figures moved stealthily and silently, their movements were vividly traced in Pyo Wol’s mind.

The onslaught of the shadowy figures was truly terrifying.

They employed every trick and tactic to kill Pyo Wol.

They had set traps in Pyo Wol’s path and deployed all kinds of hidden weapons.


Concealed weapons fired.

From feathered arrows to poisonous needles, from flying daggers to projectiles launched from flexible chains, everything was thrown at him.

Pyo Wol thwarted every single attack.

The assault of the black shadows intensified with time.

But in response, Pyo Wol’s movements became even swifter.



The Soul Reaping Thread struck the black shadows one by one.

The figures struck by the powerful blows writhed on the ground.

Pyo Wol’s pace started to slow.

The persistent shadowy figures gripped him, pulling him back.

Now, taking a single step forward felt as strenuous as taking ten steps at the beginning. It was as if he was wading through dense water.

Pyo Wol felt the weight of progressing forward.

Yet, he kept moving, slowly but steadily.

Then, it happened.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Pyo Wol’s feet gave way.

He momentarily lost his balance and staggered.

Seizing this opportunity, two of the shadowy figures attacked him.

Their speed, strength, and energy distinguished them from the others.

Their blades almost reached Pyo Wol’s throat. One more thrust and they would take his life.


However, their blades were halted by the Soul Reaping Thread.

The black shadows’ eyes widened in shock.

Pyo Wol’s fist slammed into their abdomen.


It was the Jade Breaker technique.

The energy expelled from his fist pierced right through them.

The two figures, eyes wide in agony, were flung backward.

Such was the pain that they couldn’t even open their mouths, as if their insides were being torn apart.

Pyo Wol strode past them and finally reached his destination, having overcome the relentless assault of the shadowy figures.


Suddenly, the underground chamber was illuminated.

Torches hanging on the walls were ignited.

The underground view was fully revealed by the light.

The shadowy figures writhing around were none other than the Black Sect’s assassins.

They soon came to their feet.

Their eyes were filled with awe as they looked up at Pyo Wol.

Since their establishment here, they had fought with Pyo Wol every day.

If Pyo Wol reached his destination, they lost; if they stopped him, they won.

The assassins truly committed to killing Pyo Wol.

They unleashed every lethal technique they knew upon him.

He was the Reaper

There could be no mercy in their hands.

They fiercely attacked Pyo Wol, but he deflected all their assaults.

It was a series of defeats.

The Black Sect’s assassins continuously failed against Pyo Wol.

Even with hundreds attacking, the situation remained unchanged.

They were defeated day after day.

Considering their opponent, it was understandable.

But after repeated failures, pride turned to determination.

From then on, they studied how to kill Pyo Wol.

They researched Pyo Wol’s martial arts and lethal techniques, identifying his vulnerabilities.

Pyo Wol was human too.

He was a perfect assassin, but he wasn’t invincible.

He had vulnerabilities.

The assassins targeted these weak points.

Pyo Wol had faced several close brushes with death from their relentless attacks.

Yet, through these confrontations, Pyo Wol recognized his vulnerabilities and refined them.

His techniques became flawless.

But the Black Sect assassins also gained.

Their skills evolved significantly.

Hundreds of them emerged as top-tier assassins.

Among them, Blood Rain and Death Shadow gained the most.

They were the last ones who attacked Pyo Wol.

In terms of progress, apart from Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-seol, no one could match them.

Then, a voice rang out.

“Stubborn fellow! Yet again, I’ve lost to you today.”

“You’re truly formidable.”

From the opposite side, a hunched man and an old man with a cane appeared.

They were So Geoksan and Sal-no.

They were the leaders of the Black Sect’s assassins.

Despite their leadership, they had failed to subdue Pyo Wol.

So Geoksan’s sense of disappointment was indescribable.

In contrast, Sal-no seemed unperturbed.

“You truly are unparalleled. It seems you’ve reached a state of perfection.”

“This is as far as my training goes.”

“So there’s no more room for growth?”

“I feel I’ve reached the peak in this place.”

“I think so too.”

The Black Sect’s assassins had reached their growth limits.

To break these barriers, they needed real combat.

Pyo Wol felt the same.

He had gained all he could from this underground chamber.

Staying any longer would be a waste.

Pyo Wol declared,

“We’re done training here. Everyone go outside and get a good rest for three days.”

Sal-no relayed the order,

“Did you hear? You’ve been granted three days of rest. Go outside, eat and rest to your heart’s content.”


Silently, the assassins bowed and swiftly exited the underground.

Pyo Wol, Sal-no, and So Geoksan also headed for the exit.

They had entered the underground space at night, but it was already dawn.

Coming out of the darkness, the sunlight hurt their eyes. However, all three of them had trained their eyes to tolerate the pain.

Adjusting to the sunlight was quick.

A momentary squinting, and as if by magic, the pain vanished.

Unexpectedly, they saw familiar figures before them.

It was Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yushin.

But their expressions were unusually flushed.

Pyo Wol asked,

“What happened?”


“Unexpected guests have arrived.”

From their expressions, it was clear that the visit was by someone unexpected.

Both Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yushin were stoic, rarely ever showing surprise. The fact that both displayed such expressions confirmed the unexpected nature of the visitors.

Pyo Wol said,

“Lead them to me.”

“Whew! Please, follow me.”

Hong Ye-seol took the lead.

So Geoksan and Sal-no discreetly made their exit.

They were the kind of people who preferred to remain hidden.

Accompanied by Hong Ye-seol and Hong Yushin, Pyo Wol entered the room where the visitors awaited.

Inside, three individuals sat. One of them quickly rose upon seeing Pyo Wol.

“Master Pyo Wol!”

The one who greeted him was Namgung Wol.

“It’s been a while.”

“My apologies.”

When the Silver Lotus Hall had fallen, Namgung Wol had disappeared.

Having a lingering attachment to the Silver Lotus Hall, he had immediately traveled to Poyang Lake to assess the situation upon hearing of its defeat.

Pyo Wol’s gaze shifted to the two accompanying Namgung Wol.

“It’s been a while.”

The one greeting him was a familiar face to Pyo Wol.

“Lee Geomhan!”

“Sorry for the sudden visit.”

Apologizing beside Lee Geomhan was Namgung Seol.

Both looked worn out.

Pyo Wol remarked,

“So, you survived.”

“Embarrassingly, I did manage to save my skin.”

“We just strategically retreated. We’re perfectly fine.”

The two had contrasting demeanors.

Lee Geomhan wore a bitter smile, while Namgung Seol exuded confidence.

Pyo Wol looked at Namgung Wol.

“So you brought them.”

“I’m sorry. I had no choice. They were insistent on meeting you.”

“Why would they want to see me?”

“Let me explain,”

Namgung Seol stepped forward.

Pyo Wol sat down and prompted,

“Go on.”

“We need your help.”


“Yes! Specifically, we need the help of the assassins that follow you.”

“Why would you need us?”

“We’re planning to bring down the Golden Heavenly Hall.”

“Golden Heavenly Hall?”

Looking straight into Pyo Wol’s eyes, Namgung Seol declared,

“Yes! We’re preparing for a full-scale assault. To defeat the Golden Heavenly Hall and reclaim the Silver Lotus Hall, we need your assistance. Please help. I trust you won’t refuse.”