Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 636

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The entire Mount Hua sect roared as if an earthquake had struck.

The rocks supporting Mount Hua Sect trembled as if they were about to fall, and the leaves rustled in the wind.

The martial artists of Mount Hua sect gaped in disbelief.

All this chaos was caused by the clash of just two individuals.

It was Jacheong Jin and Jang Cheon-hwa.

The two of them clashed swords as if the whole of Mount Hua was their own backyard.
Clang! Clash!


Every time their swords collided, shockwaves radiated, wreaking havoc in all directions.

Huge rocks shattered, and ancient trees that had stood for a millennium turned to dust.

The animals that lived on Mount Hua were startled by the sudden disaster and jumped out, and the birds flew high into the sky.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The vibrations were so intense that it felt like the whole of Mount Hua was shifting.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

With every clash of their blades, the atmosphere above Mount Hua convulsed wildly.

“Good heavens! How can a mere human possess such power…”

Fear painted the faces of Ja Cheong Jin and the martial artists of the Mount Hua sect.

Ja Cheong Jin was now displaying power beyond his usual capabilities.

Like a candle burning itself to light up the darkness, Ja Cheong Jin ignited his entire being to to amplify the power of his swordsmanship.

It was a technique he’d never employ under normal circumstances.

And it wasn’t even typical of the Mount Hua sect.

Rather, it was a method that only the most elite martial artists or those from famous sects would use.

By using it, he was acknowledging the huge gap between himself and his opponent.


Ja Cheong Jin grunted.

A faint trail of blood was visible on his lips.

Due to their relentless duels, he had suffered considerable internal injuries.

‘How can a human hold such immense power?’

With eyes full of disbelief, he stared at Jang Cheon-hwa, who was swinging his sword towards him.


It was a simple thrust, devoid of any noticeable aura or energy.

Yet, Ja Cheong Jin felt an immense dread.

Only those in front of this blade could truly understand the monumental power behind it.

A force capable of shattering mountains and pushing back oceans, all condensed into that single blade.

Ja Cheong Jin had never encountered such swordsmanship before.

The fact that a mere human possessed such tremendous power felt like a defiance of the laws of nature.

Then, in the midst of his fierce assault, Jang Cheon-hwa spoke,

“Remarkable, Ja Cheong Jin! Of all the martial artists I’ve faced, you’re in the top three in terms of skill. Truly worthy of the title ‘Best Sword of Mount Hua’.

“I am honored. But I am not pleased.,”

Ja Cheong Jin replied, swinging his sword fiercely.

Speaking those words was a struggle in itself.

Jang Cheon-hwa’s swordsmanship intensified, but Ja Cheong Jin made a reply, unwilling to show any signs of weakness.

Seeing this, Jang Cheon-hwa smiled.

Although their age difference wasn’t great, Jang Cheon-hwa was undeniably the senior. And as the senior, he wanted to teach his talented junior a lesson.

“Give it your best. I too will give my utmost.”


Jacheong Jin replied curiously, focusing all his energy on his sword.

For a moment, an aura that resembled the hue of twilight emanated from his blade.

This twilight aura spiraled around the sword and wrapped Jacheong Jin as well.

Witnessing this, the martial artists from Mount Hua Sect exclaimed,

“It’s the ‘Purple Mist Divine Technique’!”

“Is he trying to execute the ‘Single Stroke Wisdom Sword’?”

Anticipation showed on their faces.

The Single Stroke Wisdom Sword was the peak technique of the Mount Hua sect, based on the Purple Mist Divine Technique.

Completing the Divine Technique of Purple Mist unleashes an aura that resembles twilight. Incorporating this into a sword creates a sword aura with the same twilight hue.

This was the renowned Purple Mist Blade Aura.

Executing the Single Stroke Wisdom Sword with the Purple Mist Blade Aura was Mount Hua Sect’s supreme sword technique.

Its use not only consumed the user’s entire internal energy, but also placed a tremendous strain on the body. Therefore, one would need to cultivate for several months afterward.

Jacheong Jin unleashed this move with his full might.

He wagered everything on this single technique.

His very life.

And the honor of the Mount Hua Sect.


The twilight blade aura swung towards Jang Cheon-hwa.

In response, Jang Cheon-hwa also swung his sword.


The martial artists of the Mount Hua Sect heard a slicing sound.

The sound was so clear that it sent chills down their spines.

For a moment, everything seemed to halt.

The winds, the animals fleeing, and even the passage of time itself.

Holding their breath, the martial artists watched Jang Cheon-hwa and Jacheong Jin.

Suddenly, blood gushed from Jacheong Jin’s chest.

After rising into the air, it quickly fell back down, dyeing his entire body red.

A deep gash had formed on his chest.

Briefly glancing at his wound, Jacheong Jin looked up at Jang Cheon-hwa.

Jang Cheon-hwa stood unscathed.

Despite unleashing the Single Stroke Wisdom Sword with all his might, he hadn’t managed to touch Jang Cheon-hwa.

Barely managing to speak, Jacheong Jin inquired,

“The… Formless Sword Technique?”

“You recognize it.”

“It is an honor… to witness the Formless Sword Technique at the end.”

Formless Sword Technique.

It wasn’t a technique that manifested through visible energy or aura.

It was, thus, a legendary skill, doubted even to exist.

No contemporary martial artist had ever attained or even glimpsed it.

“Did… the great Jang Cheon-hwa really reach the level of the Formless Sword Technique?


The Mount Hua Sect martial artists were in utter disbelief.

It was a realm that had only been passed down in legends.

Then, suddenly,


Barely holding on, Jacheong Jin collapsed and lay motionless.

His breath had ceased.

It was the moment the Supreme sword of Mount Hua had fallen.

Even in the face of his death, the martial artists of Mount Hua Sect could not show their grief. This was because Jang Cheon-hwa was still standing.

Ja Gong Jin approached Jang Cheon-hwa.

“The sword of Mount Hua Sect has fallen in your hands. Yet, do you still feel unsatisfied?”

“What I desire is simple: for Mount Hua Sect to remain within the Lotus Peak.”

“You mean no matter what the Heavenly Martial Sect does or what Master Jang does, we should turn a blind eye?”

“Precisely. The fate of Mount Hua lies in your hands.”

Had anyone else made such a demand, Ja Gong Jin would’ve charged without hesitation.
Insulting Mount Hua was intolerable. But his anger had to be directed appropriately.

The one before him was Jang Cheon-hwa.

Jang Cheon-hwa was not only the master of the Formless Sword Technique, but also the leader of the Heavenly Martial Sect, the most formidable sect.

To engage with Jang Cheon-hwa here meant waging a full-scale war against the Heavenly Martial Sect.

Ja Gong Jin was faced with a decision.

Either challenge Jang Cheon-hwa, risking the fall of Mount Hua Sect, or accept the death of Jacheong Jin.


Ja Gong Jin clenched his teeth.

He wanted nothing more than to attack Jang Cheon-hwa. But as the leader of Mount Hua Sect, he had to put the safety of the sect above his personal feelings.

‘If I attack him now, Mount Hua Sect will be doomed. That is why Jacheong Sajae fought Jang Cheon-hwa alone and warned us not to act rashly.’

He had to suppress the rising fury and shame.

Finally, Ja Gong Jin spoke,

“From now on, Mount Hua sect will not leave the Lotus Peak as long as Master Jang lives.

“Good! I trust in Mount Hua Sect’s promise.”

With that, Jang Cheon-hwa turned away.

A slight smirk played on his lips.

He was mocking both the Mount Hua Sect and Ja Gong Jin.

‘So, Mount Hua Sect’s spirit was broken long ago.’

Once, Mount Hua Sect had defied the world.

In its prime, Mount Hua Sect would never have backed down, but a single defeat had broken the spirits of its disciples, forcing them into submission.

Before arriving at Mount Hua Sect, Jang Cheon-hwa knew it would come to this.

‘Now, only the real challenge remains.’

One Sword Master, Namgung Yugeom, Lee Cheong, Jacheong Jin .

Anyone who might get in his way had been cleared out.

Only a few remained.

Once they were dealt with, he’d be ready to challenge for the ultimate title.

The collapse of Silver Lotus Hall sent shockwaves throughout Kangho.

At first, many didn’t believe the rumors.

Just days earlier, Silver Lotus Hall had been dominating the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Public sentiment favored Silver Lotus Hall, and most martial artists joining the Great Kangho war pledged allegiance to them. On the other hand, the Golden Heavenly Hall had lost its popularity and its power was shrinking.

Once the tide was set, it was nearly impossible to turn back, so people naturally assumed that the Silver Lotus Hall would prevail.

Even if it took a while.

But the startling rumor changed everything, and in a few days, the unbelievable news was confirmed as true.

Golden Heavenly Hall had genuinely defeated the Silver Lotus Hall.

The Golden Heavenly Hall launched a surprise attack in the middle of the night, and the unprepared Silver Lotus Hall was unable to mount a proper resistance, leading to their downfall.

Many died, and many were injured.

While the damage to the Silver Lotus Hall was greater, it wasn’t to say that Golden Heavenly Hall had come out unscathed.

The Golden Heavenly Hall too had suffered significant losses.

They had just sustained slightly fewer losses than the Silver Lotus Hall and thus emerged victorious.

It was truly a victory filled with scars.

Nevertheless, the Golden Heavenly Hall had seized the Silver Lotus Hall’s stronghold, scattering its remaining members.

The balance of power in Kangho now firmly tilted towards the Golden Heavenly Hall.

They were the clear victors of this Kangho Great War and were destined to lead the next era.

With the circumstances thus changed, previously hesitant merchants and influential figures quickly aligned themselves with the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Recognizing the maximum benefits of siding with the rising power, these opportunistic groups were quick to respond.

Now, with both unparalleled martial strength and vast wealth, no one could stand against the Golden Heavenly Hall.

The only possible contenders might have been the established powers such as Shaolin, the Wudang Sect, the Thousand Kingdom School, or the Mad Martial Sect. However, for some reason, they remained silent.

The reason soon came to light.

All four sects had lost their paramount martial arts masters.

In particular, the death of Lee Cheong, the leader of the Mad Martial Sect, sent shockwaves through Kangho.

Lee Cheong’s death was particularly unsettling.

He wasn’t just an extraordinarily skilled martial artist to the people.

To them, he was a massive pillar holding up Kangho.

A giant who stood firm, supporting the heavens.

His death brought not just sorrow, but a profound shock to the people. It felt as if the heavens themselves had crumbled.

Only after a considerable time did the shock begin to fade.

People began to wonder, “Who could have killed such a formidable martial artist as Lee Cheong?

The truth was revealed not long after.

Jang Cheon-hwa of the Heavenly Martial Sect.

He was the one who had faced and defeated Lee Cheong.

Most had anticipated this, as there was no martial artist comparable to Lee Cheong besides Jang Cheon-hwa.

Known by the moniker “Sword Demon of the Nine Heavens,” Jang Cheon-hwa was unparalleled in his swordsmanship.

He alone was deemed worthy to challenge Lee Cheong.

Given that Jang Cheon-hwa made no attempt to hide this fact, the news quickly spread
throughout Kangho.

“Jang Cheon-hwa has finally revealed his ambitions.”

“It’s clear that Jang Mugak and the Golden Heavenly Hall’s movements were orchestrated by Jang Cheon-hwa.”

“Has he shown his ambition to unify Kangho?”

People watched Jang Cheon-hwa’s every move with bated breath.

But there was no sign of Jang Cheon-hwa anywhere in Kangho.

Jang Cheon-hwa had undergone a transformation, changing his appearance dramatically.

Thus, only a handful knew his true appearance.

It was only much later that people discovered his transformation.

He finally appeared at Poyang Lake, which was now under the control of the Golden Heavenly Hall.

`Greeted by Jang Mugak and the martial artists of Golden Heavenly Hall, he made his grand entrance.