Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 634

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Lee Geom-han sat with his back to the wall and looked out of the window.

His eyes, staring vacantly at the window, lacked focus, and the distinct aroma of alcohol lingered on his breath.

The room was littered with bottles of his liquor.

From the moment he received his father’s letter, he clung to the bottle.

Lee Cheong’s death was a significant blow to him.

He knew this was not the right path.

He was the head of the Silver Lotus Hall, a huge organization, and he was responsible for the lives of countless martial artists.

If he showed weakness, it would demoralize his followers.

He knew this intellectually. But his heart couldn’t act on it.

He truly admired and relied on his father, Lee Cheong.

He respected him so much that he wanted to surpass him and succeed without his help. So he took over the Silver Lotus Hall, and led it to this point without the support of the Mad Martial Sect.

All for the recognition of his father. But with Lee Cheong’s death, his dream was shattered.


After days in a drunken haze, Lee Geom-han felt awful.

That’s when he heard it.

“Geom-han! May I enter?”

A familiar voice called from outside.

It was Namgung Seol.

Lee Geom-han thought about saying no, but then changed his mind.



Namgung Seol frowned as she opened the door.

The sight of wine bottles rolling around the room and a drunken Lee Geom-han disappointed her.

She had lost her father, too.

But she hadn’t fallen apart like he had.

It wasn’t that her heart wasn’t broken. She felt a pain so intense it felt like the sky was falling. But she stood tall for the many eyes upon her.

She looked at Lee Geom-han for a moment, then flung the window open.

Cold air rushed in.

She addressed Geom-han firmly.

“Get up now.”


“You’ve mourned long enough. Time to rise.”


“You’re not alone. If you falter, the whole Silver Lotus Hall will waver. Stand up. For your sake, for my sake…….”

Namgung Seol looked down at Lee Geom-han with a look that refused to accept foolishness.

Her gaze pierced into Lee Geom-han’s chest like a blade.

From anyone else, he would have dismissed such a gaze. But from her, someone who shared his pain, he couldn’t.

If anyone else had given him such a look, he would have scoffed and brushed it off. But from her, with whom he shared a common pain, he couldn’t.


Lee Geom-han took a deep breath.

He felt it was time to end his aimlessness.

Avoiding her eyes, he said,

“Please wait for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I can wait forever.”

Lee Geom-han then assumed a meditative stance and began his inner cultivation.


Steam emanated through his pores.

He drove out the effects of alcohol with his internal energy.

The severe intoxication that had accumulated in his body was expelled in an instant.

“I’m sorry,”

Lee Geom-han apologized as he stood up.

“It’s alright.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you collected your thoughts?”

“To some extent…”

“Good, we don’t have time to mourn the dead anymore, it’s time to move on.”

“I understand.”

Namgung Seol secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She was grateful that Lee Geom-han didn’t resist and listened to her words.

‘Yes! This is enough. Now that he’s come to his senses, we can gradually set things right.’

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy.

Both of them had lost their strongest moral supporters.

Even if they didn’t receive direct support from them, their mere presence was a great source of strength.

In a sense, they were now truly alone.

But this beginning was simply too brutal.

Lee Geom-han extended his hand.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“For your sake, I can even wait longer…”

Namgung Seol took his hand.

The two exchanged smiles.

Ding, ding, ding!

Suddenly, urgent bells resounded throughout Silver Lotus Hall.

The color drained from both their faces.

Without a second thought, they both rushed outside.

Beyond the walls, they saw countless torches approaching the Silver Lotus Hall.

Martial Artists carrying the torches were charging forward.

Namgung Seol announced.

“It’s the Golden Heavenly Hall. They’re launching a full-scale attack,”

“How dare they come at this time.”

Lee Geom-han bit his lip.

It was all his fault.

While he had been intoxicated, the Golden Heavenly Hall had diligently prepared their attack.

If only he had a clearer mind, he would have noticed their unusual movements.

“Damn it!”

Reaching out, Lee Geom-han summoned his sword, which had been set aside for days.


The texture of the sword felt unfamiliar after a few days of neglect.

Everything was his fault.

Lee Geom-han turned to Namgung Seol.

“You should quickly assess the situation and lead our forces.”

“And you?”

“If the Golden Heavenly Hall is launching a full-scale attack, Jang Mugak must be here. I have to stop him.”


“I’m counting on you.”


Namgung Seol accepted Lee Geom-han’s command.

She too held some responsibility for the dire situation they were in.

Lee Geom-han nudged her.



Namgung Seol sprinted towards where her subordinates were.

She had to get them moving and get the situation under control.

‘We can stop this. It’s not too late.’

She muttered to herself as she rushed forward.

Lee Geom-han watched her fade away, then turned his attention back to the battlefield.


There was a deafening noise from the main gate.

The martial artists of the Golden Heavenly Hall had finally broken through.

Leading them was a martial artist exhibiting an overwhelming presence.

The awe-inducing martial artist was none other than Jang Mugak.

“Jang Mugak!”

Lee Geom-han called out his name.

“Lee Geom-han!”

Jang Mugak, who was furiously swinging his sword, turned his attention to Lee Geom-han.


Without a moment’s hesitation, Jang Mugak lunged forward.


In mid-air, the two collided fiercely.

Their swords clashed, releasing a powerful shockwave.

The resulting force demolished nearby pavilions and walls.


“What the…?”

People nearby fled in alarm.

Their prowess seemed to defy all known martial arts.

Both Lee Geom-han and Jang Mugak landed simultaneously.

The impact had left their hair wildly disheveled.

Lee Geom-han spoke,

“Don’t you have a shred of decency, barging in the middle of the night?”

“I regret that, but I have my reasons. I’d appreciate your understanding.”


“Forget it! I won’t make excuses. This was bound to happen someday.”

Jang Mugak pointed his sword at Lee Geom-han.

From him emanated a fearsome aura, reminiscent of a raging storm. Lee Geom-han glanced around.

The martial artists from the Golden Heavenly Hall poured into the Silver Lotus Hall like a broken dam.

Although the Silver Lotus Hall martial artists fought back with all their might, they were clearly overwhelmed. However, amongst the young martial artists, there was a strange group of martial artists.

Lee Geom-han spoke to Jang Mugak,

“Did you even rope in the warriors of Heavenly Martial Sect?”

“I couldn’t help it.”

Jang Mugak did not deny it.

A smirk playing on his lips.

Indeed, Martial Artists from the Heavenly Martial Sect had joined the assault.

Without their assistance, bypassing the Silver Lotus Hall’s defenses and infiltrating discreetly would have been impossible.

Thanks to them, the Golden Heavenly Hall could easily reach the heart of Silver Lotus Hall and sneak up on them.

“I never expected the renowned Jang Mugak to stoop so low.”

“I won’t apologize. After all, history only remembers the victor.”

“You always had a way with words.”

“It’s not just talk. Let me show you.”


Jang Mugak made the first move.

Lee Geom-han gritted his teeth and countered fiercely.

Clang clang clang!

In mere moments, they exchanged dozens of blows.

Their martial arts were unparalleled.

Neither could gain an upper hand; the battle remained intensely even.

Lee Geom-han poured all his energy into attacking Jang Mugak.

Suddenly, his sword was imbued with a powerful qi, and Jang Mugak did the same.

Jang Mugak, with his energy-charged sword, began to push Lee Geom-han back.


As their swords clashed, fragments scattered.

These fragments, though mere parts of their qi sword, also possessed potent energy.


A nearby building collapsed as if made of sand.

“Save me!”

“Take cover!”

Martial Artists near the collapsing building fled in panic.

The duel between Lee Geom-han and Jang Mugak was fierce and dangerous.

No one dared approach the area where they fought.

Boom! Boom! Crash!

Consecutive explosions shattered the surroundings.

Aside from their individual clash, the skirmish between Golden Heavenly Hall and Silver Lotus Hall was just as heated.

“These treacherous scoundrels, ambushing us!”

“Only fools get ambushed.”


Enraged shouts echoed through the Silver Lotus Hall

Though the battle had just begun, countless had already perished.

The grounds of Silver Lotus Hall were stained red with blood.

Then it happened.

“Attack the Silver Lotus Hall!”


Another wave of martial artists stormed into Silver Lotus Hall.

These were yet more warriors brought in by the Golden Heavenly Hall.

The situation was already unfavorable, but with the participation of another group of martial artists, the tide had completely turned in favor of the Golden Heavenly Hall.

“How could this happen?”

“What in the world…”

The martial artists of Silver Lotus Hall retreated hesitantly.

The momentum had completely shifted against them.

Namgung Seol recognized this.

“Move the troops to the left gate.”


“We have a separate detachment, remember? Move them to the left gate.”


But her orders were not getting through.

Their chain of command had broken.

In this state, they couldn’t effectively deal with the Golden Heavenly Hall

Namgung Seol bit her red lips until they bled, her eyes fixed on Lee Geom-han and Jang Mugak’s ongoing battle.

Their duel remained evenly matched.

Perhaps Lee Geom-han could prevail. But even if he did, it wouldn’t change the course of the larger battle.

‘We must retreat and plan for the future.’

Deciding this, Namgung Seol acted swiftly.

“Everyone, retreat. We’re giving up on Poyang Lake.”

Her declaration caused a stir among her troops. However, recognizing the inevitability of the situation, they complied without protest.

‘We must retreat while maintaining our strength.’

Namgung Seol issued orders without pause.

Responding to her commands, the martial artists of Silver Lotus Hall flowed out of the courtyard like an ebbing tide.

Namgung Seol racked her brain furiously.

‘I must ensure his safe extraction.’

Even if all other troops were safely preserved, it would all be for naught if Lee Geom-han wasn’t unharmed.

She had to find a way to extract Lee Geom-han safely.