Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 628

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So Yeowol’s New Moon Blades were sent flying backward.

In each of her hands, she held a unique crescent-shaped dagger.

It was a design rarely seen in Kangho. Such weapons were typically used by assassins from the far west or foreign lands.

She named these blades “New Moon Blades”

Embedded in the blade’s edge were sharp serrations. They didn’t just slice through flesh; they brutally tore it apart.

Using the New Moon Blades, So Yeowol had ended the lives of countless martial artists.

Those who faced her met their end with gruesome wounds, as if they’d been mauled by a wolf.

Still, her true identity remained hidden because she was so stealthy in the aftermath.


So Yeowol launched her New Moon Blades.

Making a circular motion in mid-air, it aimed straight for Pyo Wol’s throat. Just before it could pierce him, Pyo Wol deflected it with his Soul Reaping Thread.


With a metallic sound, the New Moon Blades were repelled.

So Yeowol leaped, catching the repelled New Moon Blade, then flung the other at Pyo Wol.


Again, the New Moon Blade couldn’t penetrate Pyo Wol’s Soul Reaping Threads and was thrown back. However, So Yeowol was unfazed. She launched another New Moon Blade and retrieved the previous one.

Her every move flowed like water.

She threw, retrieved, and threw again, putting pressure on Pyo Wol.

With every deflection, the force of the New Moon Blades amplified.

What started as a single force was now manifold, evident from the tearing armor and visible blood on Pyo Wol.

This was one of So Yeowol’s signature techniques, the Layered Repetitive Blade Break.

This technique was characterized by the fact that the force of the opponent’s blow plus one’s own energy was returned to the opponent, increasing in power as the attack continued.

It was like a fish caught on a hook.

“It’s over, Pyo Wol!”

With a shout, So Yeowol launched her New Moon Blades with all her might.


She believed that with this one move, she would be able to inflict a great wound on Pyo Wol.

Such was its immense destructive power.

But in that moment, instead of blocking the New Moon Blades with his Soul Reaping Thread, Pyo Wol drew his Threaded serpent qi and swung it.


The Threaded serpent qi wrapped around the New Moon Blades, catching it mid-flight.

So Yeowol’s eyes widened in disbelief.

With a powerful swing, Pyo Wol redirected the captured New Moon Blades back to So Yeowol.


The New Moon Blades, now with the added centrifugal force of the Threaded Serpent Qi, returned with multiplied destructive power.

‘It’s too much.’

Even with her advanced martial arts, catching the New Moon Blades, now boosted with the added centrifugal force, was impossible. One wrong move could sever her hand.

In the end, So Yeowol had to let go of her own weapon.


The New Moon Blades shot past her and buried deep into the ground, leaving only a small hole
on the surface.

A chill ran down So Yeowol’s spine.

If she had intercepted the New Moon Blades due to her pride, her wrist would have met the same fate.


Pyo Wol swung his threaded serpent qi and started attacking her.

In response, So Yeowol used her remaining New Moon Blades to shield herself.

Ting, ting, ting!

A series of clanging sounds erupted as the Threaded Serpent Qi and the New Moon Blades clashed.

Both moved at a terrifying speed, clashing intensely.

The two moved at blinding speeds, their figures barely discernible to the naked eye.

The void battle between Song Cheonwoo and Hong Ye-seol was a battle of a different dimension.

Naturally, their movements were more advanced.

So Yeowol unleashed every martial art technique she knew.

Her unique martial art, which combined underground fighting techniques with the cultivation techniques of Guryongsalmak, had already established a realm of its own.

If it weren’t for Pyo Wol she would have been the one who was called the best in the world.

Swinging the New Moon Blades, she fired hidden weapons and sprayed a concealed poison from her sleeves.

So Yeowol employed every trick an assassin could muster.

Like Pyo Wol, she did not discriminate in her techniques if it meant victory. Through her hands, she demonstrated every dirty trick and unimaginably bizarre method of killing.

Yet, all these techniques were shattered by Pyo Wol .


Hidden weapons were deflected by his armored bracers, and the poison had no effect on Pyo Wol .

Pyo Wol had already anticipated every move So Yeowol made,

Every technique of So Yeowol’s was in the palm of Pyo Wol ‘s hand.

All those techniques were dissected and crushed with precision.


So Yeowol clenched her teeth.

Cold sweat trickled down her spine.

She had boasted that she knew all of Pyo Wol’s techniques, but it was the other way around.

No matter what she tried, Pyo Wol effortlessly countered.

She felt like a mouse in front of a cat.

Such feelings were a first for her.

“Pyo Wol !”

To shake off her fear, So Yeowol cried out loudly.

She had violated the Assassin’s Code.

At that moment, she saw something.

A shimmering presence around her.

It was threads.

Threads made of qi surrounded her like a net.

It was the Spider Silver Web.

While defending against So Yeowol’s attacks, Pyo Wol had discreetly spread the Spider Silver web.

Completely distracted by Pyo Wol , So Yeowol had been oblivious to the deadly trap being woven around her.

By the time she realized the spreading qi threads, the Spider Silver Web was fully formed.

With a flick of Pyo Wol ‘s finger, the web began to constrict around So Yeowol.


With all her might, she swung her New Moon Blades.

She slashed at the threads, cutting again and again.

But the New Moon Blades were insufficient against the multitude of threads.

Like a spiderweb, the silver threads rapidly ensnared So Yeowol.


An eerie cutting sound echoed across the battlefield.

In an instant, So Yeowol’s movements halted.

Frozen mid-swing, she stared at Pyo Wol .

Pyo Wol too, paused and met her gaze.

So Yeowol whispered,

“Pyo Wol… I should’ve killed you back then…”

“But your fate wouldn’t have changed. I was always stronger than you.”

Her last words were,

“An asshole to the end…….”


So Yeowol shattered into countless pieces, slashed apart by the Spider Silver Web.


Song Cheonwoo, engaged with Hong Ye-seol, witnessed the horrific scene.

Desperately, he kicked Hong Ye-seol away and ran madly.


His eyes were filled with tears as he called out for her.

The only woman he ever loved was now an unrecognizable shattered figure.

His mind was a void, filled only with a singular thought: kill Pyo Wol .

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Hong Ye-seol threw a blade towards Song Cheonwoo’s back.


The impact made Song Cheonwoo stagger.

In his rage, he didn’t feel the pain, but the blow threw him off balance.

Pyo Wol seized the moment.


A hidden whip-like weapon coiled around Song Cheonwoo’s neck.

His eyes widened in horror,

“Pyo Wol !”

“It’s over.”

With that, Pyo Wol yanked the weapon.


A chilling sound followed, and Song Cheonwoo’s head soared into the air.

After spinning a few times, it landed with a thud.

That marked the tragic end of Song Cheonwoo.

His severed head rolled to Pyo Wol ‘s feet, their eyes once again meeting.

It was the defining moment – victor and vanquished, living and dead, separated.

After a brief glance, Pyo Wol looked up at the battlefield.

The tide had turned.

The Black Shadow Assassins dominated the Blood Demon Corps.

The Blood Demon Corps’s morale had plummeted after losing their leader. In contrast, the Black Shadow Assassins’ spirits soared.

With their morale crushed, the Blood Demon Corps was no match for the formidable Black Shadow Assassins.

Pyo Wol smirked, “Heh.”

The battle was fierce, and it was not easy to claim victory when the tide turned against them.



The Blood Demon Corps fell, screaming in agony.

Nearby, the martial artists of Guryongsalmak witnessed it all.

“Damn it!”

“Our leader is gone.”

“Both of them are dead.”

Whispers of despair spread among the martial artists of Guryongsalmak.

The martial artists who had been holding out were greatly agitated by the news that So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo were dead.

While some martial artists remained resilient, the majority lost their spirit.

Already being pushed back, with their leaders gone, their formation rapidly crumbled.

First to flee were the martial artists from the Golden Heavenly Hall, followed closely by the Guryosalmak’s martial artists.


“Spare us!”

They screamed and fled in terror.

It was like a dam had broken.

Martial Artists rushed out in all directions, trampling over each other.

Many fell and were crushed under the feet of their comrades.

Flesh was torn out, bones were broken.

Screams erupted and pitiful groans filled the air.

“Is this even possible? The mighty Guryongsalmak falling like this…”

Shin Gong-ha looked around with a desolate expression.

Wherever he looked, there were only corpses, most of them belonging to his Guryongsalmak.

The sect was everything to him.

And now, it was crumbling before his eyes.


Then, Hwangbo Chiseung, his adversary, spoke,

“Hard to believe, isn’t it? But this is the fate of those who oppose my lord.”


In a fit of rage, Shin Gong-ha attacked with all his might, disregarding his own life.

Before he knew it, his body was engulfed in a brilliant glow.

It was the result of burning all of his energy.

It was a desperate technique used when sacrificing one’s life.

Hwangbo Chiseung focused all of his energy on his right arm, the only arm he had.

He unleashed his ultimate move: The Third Strike of the Heavenly King.

A tremendous clash of energies ensued.

The resultant shockwave devastated the surrounding area, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake.

When the dust settled, the scene was horrifying.

The ground was scarred, as if hit by dozens of powerful explosives.

In the center stood Shin Gong-ha, with an immense amount of blood flowing from him.

“Ha! To think I’d be bested by a one-armed man…”

“Having one arm doesn’t mean one can’t master martial arts.”

“Yes! Well… done.”


Shin Gong-ha collapsed, marking his end.

Hwangbo Chiseung groaned and collapsed, severely injured.

His organs were damaged, making it difficult to move.

Soon, Soma approached him.

With a sigh, Soma slumped beside Hwangbo Chiseung, both leaning on each other, catching their breaths.

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