Reaper of The Drifting Moon Chapter 479

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“Huh! Huh!”

Wind Saint gasped for breath.

His body was covered in large and small wounds.

In front of him was ManSlaughter.

ManSlaughter was also wounded as much as the Wind Saint. However, there was a crucial difference between the two.

It was the wound on the Wind Saint’s side.

It had been pierced by an arrow from the God Slaying Bow.

The God Slaying bow was no ordinary bow.

The arrow spun violently upon release, so once it hit, it tore and entwined the surrounding flesh and muscles. As a result, the wound inevitably grew larger.

Wind Saint tried to stop the bleeding by tapping the blood vessels, but the wound was too large to stop.

To properly stop the bleeding, he needed to apply medicine and press the wound with a cloth.

But ManSlaughter did not leave Wind Saint alone to stop the bleeding.

Wind Saint was a prey to be savored.

As one of the three saints, he had ruled over the martial arts world for a long time, an absolute martial artist.

Catching Pyo Wol was important, but Wind Saint was a being that could never be overlooked.

Killing him would elevate his own status.

“Let’s finish this,Wind Saint!”

ManSlaughter wore a deep smile on his lips.

He took out the God Slaying Bow again.

He was going to finish it for real.

“Not a chance.”

The Wind Saint rushed towards ManSlaughter.

He knew what would happen if he gave a bow-wielding opponent any distance, so he pushed through the pain.


The Wind Ocean Sword, a secret sword technique, unfolded.

The wind blade, heavily concentrated with energy, flew at ManSlaughter as if to slash him indiscriminately. However, ManSlaughter easily dodged the Wind Ocean Sword using a movement technique called the Wolf Step.

At the same time, he fired an arrow with the God Slaying Bow.


Since it was fired at such a close range, it was impossible to avoid.

Wind Saint focused his energy on the sword to knock down the arrow.

However, the arrow skillfully passed by the sword and pierced his palm like tofu.


Wind Saint groaned and quickly retreated.

The power of The God Slaying Bow was truly beyond imagination.


The ManSlaughter simultaneously fired three arrows. It was a feat of shooting three arrows at once.

Wind Saint lay flat on the ground and rolled.

It was a technique called Lazy Donkey Roll, like a lazy donkey rolling on the ground.

It was a technique that experts would never use because of their pride, but since his life was at stake, Wind Saint had no choice.

The arrows barely missed Wind Saint’s back as he rolled.

Despite the fiery pain, Wind Saint gritted his teeth and unfolded the Wind Ocean Sword.


If he gave up just because the momentum had shifted to the enemy, it would truly be the end.

As long as his life was at stake, he had to fight back somehow.

That was the way Wind Saint had lived.


A tremendous gust of wind struck ManSlaughter.

“Argh! You still……”

This attack was not something that even ManSlaughter could underestimate.

ManSlaughter hurriedly unfolded a defensive technique to escape the gust.

The moment he did, the Wind Saint slammed his pierced hand into the ground. The reaction sent his body soaring into the air.

In that state, the wind saint kicked seven times.

It was a technique called “Wind Dance Swirl Kick.”

Boom, boom, boom!

The air exploded continuously.

ManSlaughter’s face contorted under the intense impact.

Even though he had blocked Wind Saint’s kick with his God Slaying Bow, the impact was still transmitted to him.

If it hadn’t been for the special properties of the God Slaying Bow, Wind Saint’s Wind Dance Swirl Kick would have shattered any ordinary weapon.

Wind Saint relentlessly attacked, preventing ManSlaughter from firing his God Slaying Bow again.

ManSlaughter couldn’t muster the courage to counterattack and focused on his defense.

He knew that Wind Saint’s fierce attack was temporary.

The Wind Saint’s injuries were severe.

His wounds were very large, and he was bleeding profusely. He couldn’t keep up such a furious attack for much longer.


As ManSlaughter anticipated, Wind Saint suddenly collapsed on the ground and vomited blood.

His body had been overwhelmed by the strain of performing the martial art techniques.


ManSlaughter finally straightened his hunched body and laughed.

The Wind Saint, lying on the ground, barely lifted his head and looked at ManSlaughter.


“I have no personal feelings. It’s just that you’re such tempting prey that I can’t help but drool. So don’t blame me.”

“Same here.”



At that moment, ManSlaughter was blown back with a loud explosion.

He flew more than ten meters back, rolling on the ground.


He groaned and looked at his hands.

“The God… Slaying Bow…”

His last defense, the God Slaying Bow, had cracked in two.

That’s when the Wind Saint got up.

His whole body was covered in blood, but his eyes were still shining brightly.

The life-threatening gamble had succeeded.

The Wind Dance Swirl Kick was not a simple technique.

The power of the initial kick was mediocre, but it increased as it continued. More importantly, the stacked shocks explode when they reach their limit.

Wind Saint risked his life on the Wind Dance Swirl Kick to destroy ManSlaughter’s God Slaying Bow. And his gamble paid off.


ManSlaughter’s face twisted in anger.

“Yeah! That’s the expression that suits you.”

“I’ll tear you apart.”

ManSlaughter shouted and charged at the Wind Saint.

Wind Saint ran towards him, muttering to himself.

‘I kept my promise, Pyo Wol !’

“Found him.”

The Red King’s eyes shone.

A small boat was seen sailing up the river in the distance.

It was the boat carrying Pyo Wol and Eun-yo.

On both sides of the river, he could see his men galloping alongside the boat.

The men risked their lives to jump onto the boat, but Pyo Wol and Eun-yo combined their strength to fend off their attacks.

“It won’t be long now.”

Pyo Wol and Eun-yo might be unharmed, but the boat they were on had long reached its limit.

Water was seeping in through the arrow holes in the boat, and it looked as if it would be submerged in the river at any moment.

The Red King’s eyes suddenly caught sight of a small island in the middle of the river.

The boat carrying Pyo Wol and the others was desperately making its way for the island.

“Is that their target?”

It made some sense.

The river widened at the island. It was impossible to run down the river and jump onto the island. Not even with the help of a flying disc.

That’s when it happened.

“The boat is ready.”

The demonic madmen’s voice came from behind.

As soon as they heard the news that Pyo Wol had escaped to the river, the demonic madmen scattered and searched for boats they could use.

The demonic madmen pointed in a direction where more than a dozen boats were waiting.

The Red King boarded a boat and said,

“Chase them.”

“Yes, sir!”

The boat carrying the Red King and the demonic madmen quickly pursued the boat carrying Pyo Wol and the others.

Following that, the martial artists running along the riverbank quickly boarded the boats one after another.

Their faces were filled with anger and a murderous intent.

Thud! Thud!

Bodies floating on the river hit the boats and bounced off.

All the corpses were their comrades.

It was said that all human emotions were worn out, but camaraderie was not.

The death of their comrades filled them with rage.

“We’ll tear them apart.”

They swore vengeance for their fallen comrades.

The distance between the boat carrying Pyo Wol and the others narrowed.

No matter how hard Nam Shin-woo rowed, it was useless. He was rowing alone, while the other boats had several people rowing.

The good news was that Pyo Wol’s boat reached a small island before the boats with the Red King and others caught up.


The three of them abandoned the boat and landed on the island.

They each took positions at three different points on the island’s perimeter.

The island was only about ten meters in size.

The small island was formed by the accumulation of sand from upstream.

Now, the three of them were stranded on this tiny island.

The boats carrying the Red King and the martial artists quickly gathered around the island.
Red King glared at Pyo Wol and roared.

“Surrender, Reaper!”


His roar made the calm river water tremble violently.



Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo also let out painful groans.

Only Pyo Wol stood upright, looking at the Red King.

His face was hidden by his hat, so it was impossible to know what he was thinking. However, one thing seemed certain.

Pyo Wol had no intention of surrendering.

A desperate determination could be felt from the energy emanating from Pyo Wol ‘s body.

“It was good to escape by boat, but this is your limit. This place will be your grave.”


“Arrogant fool! To the end…”

Red King’s shoulders trembled with rage.

He was furious at Pyo Wol , who didn’t say a word even as he spoke so much.

He raised his hand.

Then, the demonic madmen and the martial artists on the boats leaped towards the island.

That’s when it happened.

Nam Shin-woo suddenly stomped his foot heavily.


The moment his foot hit the ground.


Suddenly, metal pillars shot up from beneath the sandy beach.

They were mechanically operated metal pillars.

“What is this?”


The warriors who were jumping towards the island were taken aback.

They thought Pyo Wol and his companions had fled without a plan and had accidentally ended up on the island. But the sudden appearance of the metal pillars told them otherwise.

Eun-yo muttered softly.

“Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array! Activate!”

As soon as her words ended, a thick white mist surrounded the metal pillars. The white mist quickly covered the small island where they were.

By the time the demonic madmen and other warriors had landed on the island, it was already engulfed in the dense white mist.


“I can’t see anything.”

Confused voices could be heard from everywhere.

They couldn’t see their comrades right beside them, and they couldn’t even determine their direction.

At that moment, Pyo Wol and the other two moved.

Compared to the others whose vision and senses were limited, their movements were swift. This was because they had grasped the principles of the array.

The Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array was originally a secret technique of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

Before Eun-yo went blind from receiving the great technique at the Xiaoleiyin Temple, she had read a book containing the secret of the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

The content of the book was so impressive that she read it several times, so she still remembered it.

Yesterday, Eun-yo, Hong Yushin, and the black tiger squad came here and installed metal pillars that could activate the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

Even when installing the metal pillars, she couldn’t be sure if the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array would be activated properly. However, seeing the thick white mist, it seemed to have been activated perfectly.

She could feel a demonic madman wandering right in front of her.

Although Eun-yo could clearly sense his presence, unfortunately, the demonic madman was unable to notice her existence.

That was the effect of the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

It conceals the movements of those on the path of life but thoroughly disrupts the senses of those on the outer path.

That’s why the demonic madman couldn’t notice Eun-yo even though she was right next to him.

The cheap blade in Eun-yo’s hand grazed the demonic madman’s neck and passed by.

The demonic madman, whose neck was cut, collapsed without even being able to scream.

Eun-yo muttered to herself,

‘Half a day! Just half a day.’

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