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〈Episode 1〉Prologue: NTL Corporation

In the world, there exists a thing called a protagonist.

Everything revolves around them, and everything they do has meaning and changes their surroundings.

An absolute immutable law.

Ordinary people like us, no matter how desperately we struggle, cannot etch our names in history or become objects of admiration looked up to by the world.

…It’s unfair.

Why exactly?

So, are we to spend our lives powerlessly watching from behind the protagonists as they achieve things?

I was like that too. Merely a speck of dust in the universe, not even a supporting character.

Until not long ago…

“Haah…, honey! It feels so good!”

“Ha ha, I fucking love it too!”

“Ha, ha, I love yours so much!”

The dimly lit room was filled with the frivolous moans of a man and a woman.

The large room was filled with luxurious furniture, and the bed was covered with curtains, showing only the silhouettes of the two people.

But there was no doubt about what they were doing.

The woman displayed her voluptuous figure in front of the man, rocking back and forth.

And the man moved his hips rhythmically in tune with her movements.

“Darling! I think I’m going to cum!”

“Ha, ha, I think I’m going to cum too!”

“Haah! It’s so exciting! Cum inside me! Inside!”

The two looked unmistakably like lovers, or rather, a couple brimming with affection.

In the woman’s movements, there was no trace of worry about pregnancy.

She simply rocked her upper body faster and faster for the pleasure of the man she loved.

But, their climax never reached.




A tremendous explosion was heard, followed by the sound of an intruder amidst the ringing in their ears.


“You motherfucker, I’ll kill you!”

The sturdy and ornate door was shattered by the explosion and lay sprawled on the floor.

The woman, who had been straddling the man, hid behind him with a panic-stricken face.

The man lying down looked calmly at the intruder.

As if he had been expecting this all along…

‘I guess I’ve stalled enough time.’

The reflection of the intruder in the man’s eyes was different from what others saw.

Name: Fel Lorentz

Occupation: Director of the Future Crime Prevention Bureau.


[Exceptional Concentration], [Arrogance], [Mechanical Engineering Proficiency LV 94], [Biological Understanding LV 98], [Physics… [Absolute Premature Ejaculation]

In the man’s eyes, the intruder’s name and abilities were listed.

Abilities that ordinary people couldn’t achieve in a lifetime.

The intruder who emerged through the thick smoke was Fel Lorentz.

The one who brought peace to this world…

“This piece of trash! I’m going to kill you!!”

The protagonist.

This place was planet WX-9823, boasting a 0% crime rate and the highest level of security.

The mastermind behind such perfect security was Fel Lorentz.

By collecting the biometric big data of every human being in the world, from the unborn fetus to the elderly, he was able to predict 100% of the crimes that would happen and catch the culprits in advance.

On this planet, Fel Lorentz was… the real protagonist.

Until the man next to his wife appeared…

Fel Lorentz pointed his gun at the man.

It was a thick-barreled pistol with a futuristic design, the same gun that had just smashed the door.

A weapon capable of a double kill if fired now.

“No, don’t! Don’t shoot! honey!”


The woman who had been hiding behind the man spread her body to block the gun aimed at him.


Her elastic breasts jiggled like a dancer’s wave dance.

Fel Lorenz felt the blood rush to his penis, even though it was a scene he had only seen occasionally.

The beautiful woman displaying her figure was Fel Lorentz’s wife, Helena.

“How could you… How could you do this! How much I loved you!”


Helena said nothing.

No sign of guilt was apparent on her face.

“How could you show a side to this trash that you never showed me?!”

“Well, you!”

Helena yelled back at him.

“You have premature ejaculation, what kind of expression do you expect?!”


“Even so, three rounds, does that make sense?! Huh!”


Fel Lorentz’s face twisted and swollen red as if about to burst.

Helena, to rid herself of the guilt of her infidelity, pushed Fel Lorentz even further.

“Forever, just three back and forth, three back and forth, and if the condition is good, maybe five back and forth! I am not even a mouse, do I have to endure such squeaky sex every day? Huh?!”

“How could you… say such a thing…”

Fel Lorentz’s trait, [Absolute Premature Ejaculation].

As his trait indicated, Fel Lorentz had everything, but he couldn’t satisfy a woman.

The man on the bed turned his head and laughed inwardly.

‘Snicker, it’s always funny whenever I see it… It’s not even a ring……’


The King of Premature Ejaculation: The Cockring Expedition

Fel Lorentz got his hands on the legendary cock ring that promised to cure him of premature ejaculation. But it turns out to be a cursed object that accelerates premature ejaculation.

Lord of the Premature Ejaculation: Two Testicles

Fel Lorentz visited the two best urologists to remove the cockring.

But the two urologists, each boasting to be the best, engaged in a fierce competition to treat one testicle each. (No, to unlock the cockring.)

The King of Premature Ejaculation: The Return of the Quick

After the failure of the two urologists, Fel Lorentz, left with empty testicles, finally learns that he must throw the cockring into the lava of Mount Glans to break the curse.

As soon as he reaches the top of the mountain, the cockring suddenly loosens.

But seeing the white eruption of Mount Glans’ lava, Fel Lorentz couldn’t forget the pleasure of premature ejaculation and returned home wearing the cockring.

‘Maybe I’m hallucinating, I think I heard something strange…’

The man dug in his ear and watched Fel Lorentz with laughter.

Fel Lorentz looked at his wife with a dazed expression. His wife, Helena, was famous for being the best supportive partner.

There is a famous saying on this planet.

[Fel Lorentz’s success was possible because of Helena.]

Even the arrogant Fel Lorentz always acknowledged this.

Fel Lorentz truly loved her.

Helena always supported him sincerely as the perfect wife in front of Fel Lorentz.

Always kind and considerate.

The problem was that Fel Lorentz never thought his premature ejaculation was an issue because of Helena’s kindness.

He thought she liked it since she was always nice about it.

With his intelligence and the technology of this planet, he could have fixed it, but he never had the time to pay attention to such matters.


This trait was the problem.

He never thought that even such a quick finish could be a problem.

He believed it was natural for his wife to be happy with him in bed.

“How could you… How could you…”


Fel Lorentz felt dizzy and nauseous, overwhelmed by the humiliation from his wife whom he loved deeply.

At that moment…




Fel Lorentz’s body convulsed and he fell forward.

Suddenly, three drones burst through the door, and a mechanical voice filled the room.

-Fel Lorentz. You are being urgently arrested for the planned crimes of first-degree murder, corpse disposal, special arson, special theft, national treason, prison escape, and 72 counts of various terrorist charges.-


‘It’s absurd! Why would I commit such crimes!’

Fel Lorentz wanted to scream and refute, but he couldn’t say anything due to the electric shock.

Even Helena seemed to not believe it as she refuted.

“No, it can’t be! My husband would never do such things!”

“Ah, really!”


When the man behind her feigned surprise, Helena turned around to look at him.

“First-degree murder and corpse disposal… could it be us?”

“No, that’s impossible!”

Helena, impressed by the man’s reading skills, looked back at her husband with shocked eyes.

‘No, no!! I never intended to kill!!’


“I, I am…eek!”

Fel Lorentz tried to assert his innocence with a twisted tongue, but was shocked again by electricity.

-Immediate judgment has been passed by the authority of the Future Crime Prevention Bureau. Fel Lorentz, Director of the Future Crime Prevention Bureau. The crimes you are about to commit are so severe in nature, affecting the nation’s existence and public safety, that you are sentenced to 7,283,335 years in prison.-

‘Don’t be ridiculous! I created you guys, you bastards!!!’

These drones were Fel Lorentz’s creation.

State-of-the-art law enforcement drones designed to subdue criminals instantly.

However, the drones didn’t care who their master was.

One of the drones approached the bed.

-We apologize for entering without permission as it involves your lives. The state will compensate for all the damaged facilities and…-

“Is it true… he was going to kill us?”

-Yes, but rest assured. Your lives are now safe.-

“Then, he…”

-Fel Lorentz has also been detected for the crime of prison escape, so after removing his entire spinal nervous system, he will spend the rest of his life in Solandus Prison, unable to move a finger. Don’t worry about retaliation.-


At the mention of Solandus, Helena’s face turned pale.

Fel Lorentz, already pale, had a look of despair.

‘Don’t be ridiculous! Why me! Why me!!!’

Solandus Prison was not like ordinary prisons.

It was a place for locking up those who would become the worst criminals, where one would become a vegetable, having all their nerves removed.

A living graveyard.

That was Solandus Prison.

And ironically, the one who created that prison was Fel Lorentz himself.

The drone finished its explanation and began to restrain Fel Lorentz.

“Eugh, eugh!”

Fel Lorentz struggled in vain as three drones clung to him, binding his face, upper body, and lower body.

Watching Fel Lorentz being restrained, Helena felt a surge of guilt but could only watch helplessly.

The man sitting behind Helena smiled slyly at the restrained Fel Lorentz and then embraced Helena from behind.

Confused by the man’s actions, Helena didn’t know what to do.

“Da, darling…”

“Since it’s all over now, shall we continue?”

“Ri, right now? Uh, uhm.”

With his left hand, the man gently grasped one of her breasts from behind and with his right hand, he began to stimulate her pussy.

Helena, forgetting about Fel Lorentz in front of her, turned her head back and kissed the man.

‘These f***ing assholes!!!’

Fully restrained, Fel Lorentz could only watch and listen to the couple’s caresses with his only free senses, his eyes and ears.

Despite this, Fel Lorentz’s lower part swelled with blood, as if about to burst.

The drone, having restrained Fel Lorentz, lifted him and began to fly out of the room.

‘Eugh, f***!!!’

Fel Lorentz.

Whether he felt lucky for not having to watch the couple’s intimacy to the end, or whether it remained a lifelong regret, only he would know.


When I opened my eyes, I was inside a machine filled with blue lights.


And the sound of a metal door opening to the side.

And there to welcome me, a silver-haired beauty.

“You’ve worked hard.”

“Yeah, this time it was really tough.”

Her name was Armonia, the chief administrator of all facilities here.

Her expressionless face was a trademark here, and I had never once seen even a subtle change in her expressions.

Armonia, dressed in a commander’s uniform, stepped aside to let me out comfortably.

As I stepped out of the cylindrical machine, I cheerfully said,

“How was it this time? Did the client who commissioned me contact you?”

“Yes, they contacted us the same day Fel Lorentz was detained. They were amazed by your skills and even gave us extra compensation in addition to their thanks.”

“Oh yeah!”

I walked happily toward the office, followed by Armonia.

She reported the situation next to me, recounting my actions.

“Purchasing the [All-Purpose Hacking] trait and manipulating the Bureau’s information was an excellent choice, but I didn’t expect you to bring Fel Lorentz down to such an abyss.”

“Heh, but I used too much Ener, which was troublesome

In fact, Fel Lorentz’s crime should have never existed.

I purchased the [All-Purpose Hacking] trait using the divine currency [Ener].

And then, I hacked into the Future Crime Prevention Bureau, a data fortress, and fabricated the nonexistent crimes of Fel Lorentz.

With Enel, there’s nothing I can’t do.

Armonia asked me a question that seemed to intrigue her.

“Are you bothered by having the same trait as him?”

“Ah, you mean [Sociopath]?”


The trait Fel Lorentz had.


Ironically, I have that trait too.

Name: Seong Suho


[Calmness], [Master of Provocation], [Flexible Handling],… [Sociopath]

Armonia seemed to think I brought him down to that extent out of kin hatred.

“I wouldn’t go that far just because we share the same trait.”


“I can’t just let someone who talks to me like that go unpunished.”

We received a commission, and it was to drive Fel Lorentz to despair.

I remember the day I first met him, disguised as a researcher.

-“Are you married?”

-“No, not yet.”

-“Good. Hahaha.”


-“Yes, it’s better that way. Inferior genes like yours shouldn’t marry. It’s for the betterment of the world. Hahaha, please continue to live alone, for the sake of humanity.”


Fel Lorentz always said such things to all his employees.

He looked down on people, saying marriage and reproduction were privileges reserved for superior beings like himself.

[Absolute Premature Ejaculation]

“Falling into a volcanic pit and still, a quick shooter…”


“Nothing, never mind.”

What other humans say is none of my business…

But the problem was he said that to me.

If Fel Lorentz hadn’t talked to me like that, he would have just been imprisoned and that would have been the end of it. But that’s in the past now.

I have no mercy.

According to Armonia’s report, Fel Lorentz will spend the rest of his life in Solandus Prison, unable to speak or move, with his spinal nervous system removed.

Very satisfying.

I stopped at a place with a large mechanical door and an electronic sign.

[COO Office]

Armonia finished her report and bowed.

“I will inform you immediately when the next commission comes in.”

“Okay~ Got it.”

I entered the office alone.

Unlike the steel-covered corridor I came through, the inside of the office was very luxurious.

I dove onto the bed in the office.

Smiling contentedly, I thought of Helena.

“Heh. She was quite a woman this time.”

My name is Seong Suho.

I’m the COO of this place.

I was suddenly summoned by Armonia and begged to revive this place, so I’m working hard.

What am I doing?

You’ve seen it from above.

Eating the women of protagonists and breaking their mental state.


That’s What I do as the COO of [NTL Corporation].