Martial Artist Lee Gwak Episode 48

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Episode 48( True Value Shines in the Face of Crisis(2))

Fortunately, the Jade Heaven Alliance didn’t hold Maa Doo Won too much to blame. The mechanism had not been fully activated, and there was no noticeable damage.

Instead, Maa Doo Won was ordered to conduct a thorough clean-up.

As a result, Maa Doo Won had to spend an additional fortnight repairing the mechanism. But he didn’t complain.

He wanted to fix the traps damaged by Lee Gwak and the broken mechanism perfectly.

“This part is crucial. It gathers the dispersed force into one. Only then will the power be evenly distributed throughout the mechanism.”

“Look closely here. See how this part is different from the others?”

Maa Doo Won’s attitude towards Lee Gwak had changed. He now explained even the minutest details to him.

Lee Gwak gratefully accepted Maa Doo Won’s teachings.

Until now, he could only learn by sneaking glances, but that was no longer necessary. He asked questions whenever curious, and Maa Doo Won answered in detail.

When the repairs of all mechanisms were finally completed, Lee Gwak’s knowledge in mechanisms had reached an unparalleled height.

Maa Doo Won seemed unsatisfied with merely passing on his knowledge of mechanism arts. He secretly called Lee Gwak and handed him something.

“What is this?”

“Secret manuals!”


“Yes, these are the secret manuals kept in the Creation Pavilion.”

The words were so unexpected that Lee Gwak was at a loss for words. Then Maa Doo Won laughed.

“Hmph! Don’t feel so pressured, they’re not that great.”

“But still…”

“People usually think Creation Pavilion only hosts events and repairs damaged mechanisms. That’s partly true. But to properly support the Jade Heaven Alliance, one must know some martial arts. I never felt the need to learn them, but there are many who have and also those who research martial arts. These manuals are their research. Not extraordinary, but useful if mastered.”

“Thank you.”

Lee Gwak did not refuse this time.

His Eight Sects Sword Art had reached a wall. He had mastered the initial forms, but couldn’t break through the next barrier. So, he had been practising Invisible Puncture Art, looking for a breakthrough.

He desperately needed a catalyst.

Lee Gwak looked at the secret manuals handed to him by Maa Doo Won.
Thunder Blade Arts
Sun Splitting Art
Cloud Stride Art
Each had an extraordinary name and was a renowned martial art in the Jianghu. Far superior to the manuals Lee Gwak previously obtained from the outer hall library.

“Is it alright to give these away so freely?”

“Heh, I may not look like it, but I hold a high position in the Creation Pavilion. So I have no problem giving you that much.”

“Then, I gratefully accept.”

“Hmph, of course.”

Maa Doo Won smiled in satisfaction.

Even when the mechanism was activated, and everyone’s life was in danger, Lee Gwak did not show emotional disturbance. Now, here he was, rejoicing over the three books. Just looking at his face made Maa Doo Won very happy.

‘This guy is a true martial fanatic. Truly obsessed with martial arts.’

Maa Doo Won was genuinely curious about Lee Gwak’s future accomplishments.

“You’ve worked hard. You must be curious about the manuals, so go and see.”

“Thank you.”

“Visit me sometimes when you’re free.”

“I’ll visit you often.”

“Good! I’ll arrange it as an official dispatch here. Just read the manuals and rest without worries. No one will bother you for a while.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

After bowing to Maa Doo Won, Lee Gwak left. The manuals in his arms felt weighty.

Upon leaving the outer hall, Lee Gwak considered returning home but then headed in a different direction.

He headed to the Eun Family Steelsmith outside the outer hall, where he had previously bought his sword.

His sword had been destroyed when it couldn’t withstand the weight of the iron gate, and he needed a new one. He hoped that he could find one he liked at the Eun Family Steelsmith.

“Welcome! Oh, it’s you?”

Upon entering, a neatly dressed merchant recognized him.

“Do you remember me?”

“Didn’t you buy a sword here three or four years ago?”

“Your memory is impressive. Yes, that’s correct.”

“What brings you today? Did the sword you bought last time break?”

“I apologise.”

“Hmph! What do you have to be sorry about? Even if it’s made of the best quality iron, it’s bound to break someday. Here, pick out one you like.”

“Thank you.”

Lee Gwak nodded at the merchant and examined the displayed items.

Swords, blades, spears, axes – there was a variety. But Lee Gwak only focused on the swords.

There were seven swords on display. Lee Gwak carefully examined each one – weight, balance, blade strength, sharpness, and grip comfort.

He was particularly interested in the sixth sword he picked up.

The handle was comfortable, made of unknown leather, with a good grip and well-balanced weight distribution.

The blade was slightly rough, but he could sharpen it himself.

As Lee Gwak was swinging the sword, a clear voice sounded from behind.

“That’s a good sword.”

Turning around, he saw a woman in light armour. Despite her simple attire, her appearance was extraordinary.

With elegant features, cool eyes like the autumn moon, and a proud stature, she was like a plum blossom blooming alone in winter.

Lee Gwak recognized her at once.

‘Mok Seon Wol.’

She was the Dark Moon Fairy, Mok Seon Wol.

Thinking she would have left the Jade Heaven Alliance by now, Lee Gwak was surprised to see she was still there.

Lee Gwak greeted her with a bow.

“Miss Mok.”

“You still remember me?”

“How could I forget Miss Muk?”

“I’m glad to see you, Master Lee. I never expected to meet you here.”

“But what brings Miss Mok here?”

“I have business here too.”

Mok Seon Wol replied with a gentle smile, brightening the shop.

The merchant then greeted her.

“Miss Mok, you’ve come?”

“It’s been almost five years, hasn’t it?”

“Exactly four years and eight months.”

“As precise as ever. How is Master Eun?”

“I heard he’s doing well.”

“I’d like to meet Master Eun sometime.”

“I’ll mention that when I send a message to the main house.”

“Thank you.”

Mok Seon Wol nodded at the merchant’s reply.

Lee Gwak quietly observed their conversation, realizing they had known each other for a long time.

The merchant cautiously asked Mok Seon Wol.

“But what brings Miss Mok here?”

“Ah! I came to ask a favor.”

Mok Seon Wol suddenly unfastened her belt.

A clear metallic sound rang out. Only then did Lee Gwak realize her belt wasn’t fabric but thin metal pieces linked together.

She handed the metal belt to the merchant.

“The joints have loosened. Can it be repaired here?”


The merchant’s eyes grew serious as he held the belt. It wasn’t ordinary. It was a Snake belly sword, made of delicately connected thin metal plates.

Thin metal plates contained a flexible core, like silk or a whip. It could be worn like a belt but transformed into a complete sword when infused with internal energy.

Its versatility was limitless, but it required skill to use and strong internal energy to function as a sword.

Mok Seon Wol using it as a weapon was proof of her formidable martial arts.

The merchant carefully examined the Snake belly sword.

It belonged to Mok Seon Wol, so there was no room for error.

After a thorough inspection, he spoke.

“It seems repairable by our shop. But it’ll take two days for a perfect job. Is that alright?”

“That’s fine. Just make sure it’s well-taken care of.”

“I’ll do my best.”

The merchant bowed deeply to Mok Seon Wol.

His respectful demeanour indicated Mok Seon Wol’s significant standing in the Jianghu.

After their conversation, Lee Gwak spoke to the merchant.

“I’d like to buy this sword.”

“Oh, sorry! I forgot you were here.”

“I apologise, Master Lee. You were here first.”

Both the merchant and Mok Seon Wol apologised, to which Lee Gwak shook his head.

“It’s fine. How much is it?”

The merchant pondered, then said.

“Normally, it would be five silver nyangs, but since you waited, let’s say four.”


Lee Gwak immediately paid without hesitation.

The sword was to his liking.

It wasn’t a famous blade in the Jianghu, but it suited him well. Lee Gwak believed a weapon that fits well was a good weapon.

“It’s a good piece. Use it well.”

Lee Gwak nodded silently.

“Then, I will take my leave.”


“I’ll go with you, Master Lee.”

Mok Seon Wol followed Lee Gwak. He found her presence slightly burdensome but he tried not to let it bother her.

After all, she was from a different world than his. They might meet by chance, but there was no need to get involved.

Lee Gwak was more curious about Eun Family Steelsmith and the merchant’s identity. Given their close relationship with Mok Seon Wol, the successor of Dragon Heaven Valley, one of the Ten Sects, they seemed to be of no ordinary status.

‘The murim is indeed vast and mysterious. Who knows how many masters and sects are hidden.’

Mok Seon Wol’s voice interrupted Lee Gwak’s thoughts.

“But why did Master Lee come to the Eun Family Steelsmith?”

“I just happened to stop by.”

“By chance?”


“If that’s true, Master Lee, you’re quite fortunate.”

“Am I?”

“Yes! The Eun Family Steelsmith might not be widely known, but the quality of their weapons is exceptional. There are hardly any workshops in the market that can match what Eun Family Steelsmith produces.”

Lee Gwak nodded at Mok Seon Wol’s explanation.

He had already used the weapons, so he knew how good they were.

Lee Gwak quietly stroked the sword, and Mok Seon Wol looked at him wordlessly.

“What a strange man.

Most people are captivated by her beauty at first sight. Everyone who had met her did the same.

They were drawn to her for her looks, or her formidable background, and eagerly sought to impress her. Sadly, there were no exceptions. But Lee Gwak was different.

He glanced at Mok Seon Wol’s face for a moment, but his focus remained entirely on the sword in his hand.

It was clear he had no interest in her.

Mok Seon Wol observed Lee Gwak intently.

He was supposedly an ordinary outer hall leader, but there was an inexplicable
extraordinariness about him, especially in his deep and profound eyes. Looking into his eyes, it was hard to believe he was just an outer hall warrior.

A crossroad appeared.

One path led to the northern street where Lee Gwak lived, and the other to the outer hall of the Jade Heaven Alliance.

Lee Gwak spoke to Mok Seon Wol.

“I must go this way. Please take care, Miss Mok.”

“See you again, Master Lee.”


After bowing to Mok Seon Wol, Lee Gwak headed towards his home. Mok Seon Wol watched him walk away for a moment before returning to the Jade Heaven Alliance.

She was greeted by Dan Li Yeon.

“Are you back? I told you to just leave it at the workshop inside the inner court.”

“I’m more comfortable with the place I’ve always traded with.”

“And will they fix it well?”


“But why are you so late?”

“I just… met an interesting person.”


Dan Li Yeon blinked in surprise.