Martial Artist Lee Gwak Episode 38

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Episode 38(Dragons and Tigers gather (1))

Novel- Martial Artist Lee Gwak

The second demon’s eyes trembled slightly.

‘I didn’t see it coming.’

The second demon was a master.

A master with enough power to not be afraid of repercussions even if she acted alone. Moreover, she was not alone; operating in a trio made her fearless.

At least, that had been the case until now. That’s why she took out her frustration on the waiter today, using the excuse that she couldn’t enter the Jade Heaven Alliance. She thought it was okay.

Even when the mysterious woman appeared, she scoffed. But now, she couldn’t.”

Her earring was shattered, and she couldn’t even react. Had the opponent been truly malicious, she would have been dead already.

The beautiful woman in front of her was also a master, and clearly of a higher calibre than herself.

“Who… are you?”

The second demon’s tone changed involuntarily.
“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is the damage you’ve done to everyone with your actions tonight.”

“You have no right to interfere.”

“I am a guest at this inn as well. I have every right to be involved.”


At the woman’s calm response, the second demon gritted her teeth, her face contorting in displeasure.

That’s when the first demon stepped in.

“Wow, I heard there are as many martial artists in Jianghu as there are grains of sand. so I never thought there would be one like that here too. Who would have thought we’d encounter one here too? If this is fate, why not exchange names?”


Despite his friendly tone, the woman didn’t answer. She was clearly ignoring him.

In an instant, the first demon exchanged a glance with the Second Demon.

They didn’t know the woman’s identity, but they couldn’t retreat like frightened dogs.

The Jianghu was no different from the world of wild dogs; if you show weakness, others will prey on you.

Especially since they were aiming for recognition in the Jade Heaven Alliance. Retreating now would not only ruin their prospects of advancement but also make them vulnerable to being trampled upon by others.

“I should introduce myself first. I am Go Chan Seong, the first of the Berserk Three Warriors.”

As the first demon formally greeted her, the third demon stealthily moved behind the woman and launched a surprise attack.


The third demon struck the woman with a fist as large as a pot lid. In an instant, both the first demon and the second demon moved as well. Swords appeared in their hands, aiming for the woman’s vital points.



The crowd exclaimed too late. To their eyes, the woman seemed helplessly impaled by the swords.


At that moment, a flurry of fierce strikes erupted.




The trio’s screams resonated simultaneously.

As the onlookers regained their senses, they saw the Berserk Three Demons sprawled on the floor of the inn. The first demon’s handsome face had a deep gash, the second demon’s pretty face was swollen and unattractive, and the third demon, who had attacked from behind, had both of his arms dislocated and dangling uselessly.

In contrast, the woman stood tall, hands clasped behind her back.

No one could discern what martial arts she used to defeat the Berserk Three Demons, except for one person.

‘Such speed in hand-to-hand combat.’

Clearly, the woman had used some form of hand combat technique.

But her speed was beyond imagination.

Her counterattack began at the same time as the third demon’s surprise attack. She twisted his arms out of their sockets, landed a blow on his chest, and hit the First Demon and the Second Demon simultaneously. Yet her breathing remained even, her expression calm – clear evidence that she hadn’t used her full power.

She was a master far beyond the likes of the Berserk Three Demons.


The third demon kneeled, vomiting blood. The woman spoke in a cold voice.

“Perform your internal breathing exercises, and your internal injuries will heal quickly. I hope you refrain from bullying others relying solely on your strength in the future.”

“I will never forget this grudge, bitch! If you’re not afraid of our Berserk Three Warriors, reveal your identity.”

The woman’s eyes grew even colder as he spat out the venomous voice.

“My name is Mok Seon Wol.”

“Mok Seon Wol? Could it be… the Dark Moon Fairy from Dragon Heaven Valley?”


Instantly, the Berserk Three Demons’s faces turned ashen.

Dragon Heaven Valley was one of the Ten Sects, known as the Western Conqueror, located to the west of Jade Heaven Alliance.

Mok Seon Wol was the only daughter of Mok Jin Myeong, the leader of Dragon Heaven Valley, widely known as the Dark Moon Fairy.

In terms of background and personal martial strength, she was incomparable to the Berserk Three Demons. If she had ill intentions, the trio would have nowhere to hide.

“Why are you here?”

“Do I need to explain to you why I came to Jade Heaven Alliance?”

“No, not at all.”

“Do you still plan to join the Jade Heaven Alliance?”

“No. We will never try to join the Jade Heaven Alliance.”

The first demon quickly helped up the Second and the third demon. Without looking back, they hastily left the inn.

Much like her nickname ‘Dark Moon Fairy’, Mok Seon Wol watched them leave with a dignified air.

The people in the inn could hardly breathe as they gazed at her, their faces filled with envy and admiration

The same was true for the members of the Thirteenth Squad

Especially Go Cheon Gwang Woo Il Yeong, who had recently joined, couldn’t take their eyes off Mok Seon Wol.

To them, Mok Seon Wol was like the moon in the high sky, a celestial being beyond their reach.


Suddenly, Mok Seon Wol let out a soft sigh and then turned her gaze towards Lee Gwak.
She opened her red lips

“Lee Gwak of the outer hall, is that right?”


“Your courage is impressive. Despite being from the Outer Hall, it wouldn’t have been easy for you to come forward”

“Not really.”

“But you were too hasty. Those people were not something you could handle.”

“Should I have just stood by and watched?”

“If you die in vain, no one will recognize your sacrifice. You must always look after your own life.”

“I will remember Lady Mok’s advice.”

Mok Seon Wol stared at Lee Gwak, surprised by his calm response.

She was as beautiful as her nickname, the Dark Moon Fairy. Even under her gaze, Lee Gwak’s expression remained unchanged, which seemed unexpected to Mok Seon Wol and caused curiosity in her eyes.

“May I ask a favour of you?”

“Please speak.”

“The alliance gates are closed, and I’ve taken lodging here, but given the circumstances, it seems I won’t be able to rest peacefully.”

By now, everyone had recognized her as Mok Seon Wol. It was no longer possible for her to rest comfortably here.

Lee Gwak nodded.

“What can I do for you?”

“Can you get me into the alliance?”

“Right now?”

“It seems better to rest inside the alliance, given the situation.”

This time, curiosity appeared in Lee Gwak’s eyes.

Given Mok Seon Wol’s status, even if the city gates were closed due to the late hour, she would have been allowed through without question.

She was not just any martial artist from the Jianghu; she was the successor of one of the top Ten Sects and one of the highest-ranking martial artists, a member of the Ten Lesser Skies.

If she wished, she could enter the Jade Heaven Alliance at any time. Her polite request to a mere squad leader like Lee Gwak was a refreshing, stereotype-breaking experience for him.

“It’s not difficult to get you inside, but finding a place for you to rest might not be easy.”

“I’ll take care of that.”


Eventually, Lee Gwak nodded.

“Then let’s go.”

“Right now?”

“Is it difficult?”


“Then, let’s go.”

Mok Seon Wol gathered her small baggage and walked out of the inn. Before leaving, Lee Gwak handed some money to Seok Yi Cheon.


“Have some more drinks, and use this to settle the bill.”

“Are you going alone?”

“There’s no need for everyone to go. Just sit comfortably and drink. Take care of the other members for me.”


After a word with the other members, Lee Gwak stepped out of the inn.

Outside, Mok Seon Wol was waiting.

“I hope I haven’t disrupted your enjoyable time because of me.”

“Not at all. They all understand.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Let’s go.”

Lee Gwak led the way.

Following him, Mok Seon Wol’s eyes sparkled. Lee Gwak’s walk was remarkably stable.

His stride was even, and his weight distribution was well-balanced. He was trained to react immediately to any situation.

Mok Seon Wol recalled the scene inside the inn when Lee Gwak had stepped forward.

‘Did he have confidence in protecting himself after all?’

It could be seen as the recklessness of a fearless Outer Hall warrior, but it also suggested he had some confidence in his own skills.

Lee Gwak guided Mok Seon Wol to the outer hall’s main gate.

“Huh? Hasn’t your squad’s duty ended?”

Upon arriving at the gate, Cho Mu-tak, the leader of the Twelfth Squad, looked at Lee Gwak with curiosity. It was rare for Lee Gwak to enter the Jade Heaven Alliance so late at night, especially since he had found a house outside the outer hall.

Lee Gwak looked back at Mok Seon Wol and replied.

“Today, I have a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Mok Seon Wol of Dragon Heaven Valley wishes to enter the alliance.”

“Dragon Heaven Valley?”

Cho Mu-tak’s complexion changed instantly.

A guest from Dragon Heaven Valley, one of the Ten Sects, was significant. Moreover, this guest was none other than Mok Seon Wol, the heir to Dragon Heaven Valley and a member of the Ten Lesser Skies.

“Are you really from the Dragon Heaven Valley?”


Mok Seon Wol displayed a small badge worn at her waist. It was a golden badge engraved with a soaring dragon.

The soaring dragon was a symbol of Dragon Heaven Valley, and depending on one’s status, badges were made of gold, silver, or bronze.

Only the direct descendants of the leader of Dragon Heaven Valley were entitled to a gold badge. And currently, the only direct descendant of Mok Jin Myeong, the leader of Dragon Heaven Valley, was Mok Seon Wol.

“I, Cho Mu-tak, squad leader of the Outer Hall of Jade Heaven Alliance, am honoured to meet a distinguished guest from the Dragon Heaven Valley.”

“Thank you for the warm welcome, Leader Jo. May I enter?”

“Of course. I will notify the inner court immediately.”

“No, please don’t make a fuss. Just inform Dan Li Yeon from the Master’s family quietly.”

“Dan Li Yeon? Are you referring to the third disciple of our leader, Ja Hong Cheon?”
Cho Mu-tak’s eyes widened in surprise.

Dan Li Yeon, also known as the Dark Martial Empress, was known for her martial prowess and rarely appeared in public due to her dedication to martial arts. The fact that Mok Seon Wol had a connection with her was surprising.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I understand. I’ll send word inside right away. You can go to the inner court.”

“No need for an escort. I’d prefer if squad Leader Lee Gwak would continue to guide me.”

“Lee Gwak, is it? Understood.”

Cho Mu-tak signalled Lee Gwak with his eyes, and Lee Gwak let out a quiet sigh, wishing to have excused himself by this point. But with Mok Seon Wol’s request, he couldn’t refuse.

“Please follow me.”

So, Lee Gwak led the way into the inner court.

After a brief nod to Cho Mu-tak, Mok Seon Wol followed Lee Gwak. Cho Mu-tak watched her leave, then quickly ordered a subordinate.

“Hurry, inform Miss Dan that she has a visitor.”


The subordinate dashed off on a shortcut.

Watching this, Cho Mu-tak murmured to himself.

“A big fish has arrived. But how did Gwak end up with such a prominent figure?”

His voice was filled with envy.

As they walked in silence, Mok Seon Wol suddenly asked Lee Gwak.

“How long have you been here, Leader Lee Gwak?”

“I suppose it’s been over ten years.”

“Then you must know everything about the Jade Heaven Alliance.”

“Us from the Outer Hall don’t know much.”

“But you must be somewhat aware of the internal affairs?”

“I spent several years on external assignments, so I’m rather in the dark about the internal matters.”

“Is that so?”

“My apologies.”

“No need.”

At Lee Gwak’s apology, Mok Seon Wol quietly shook her head.

An awkward silence enveloped them as they approached the main gate of the inner court.

Then, a figure greeted them warmly at the gate.

“Is it really you?”

Rushing towards Mok Seon Wol was Dan Li Yeon. Mok Seon Wol smiled brightly.


“How did you come here without any notice? You surprised me.”

“It just happened.”

The two exchanged joyful greetings, their faces blooming with bright smiles.

As Lee Gwak discreetly stepped back, Mok Seon Wol expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you, Leader Lee Gwak, for escorting me.”

“Not at all.”

Suddenly, Dan Li Yeon’s gaze turned towards Lee Gwak.

“And you are?”

Curiosity flickered in her eyes as she recognized Lee Gwak.