Chapter 7 How to Steal a Protagonist’s Woman

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“Haah…haah… I-I’m nervous…”

“It’s okay. You’ll get used to it soon.”

Viola was lying in the bushes, her pink nipples exposed on her bare chest.

Her chest, glistening with sweat under the moonlight, presented a beautiful sight.

I gently spread her legs apart and peered under her skirt.

My eyes were seeing places I’d never seen before, beautiful skin without a single blemish.

She had beautiful legs from her ankles up, and at the top she wore a white panty tied at each end with strings.

My palm gently slid from her ankles, moving slowly towards her pubic area.

Viola gasped at the sensation between her legs.


“We can stop here if it’s too much…”

“No, it’s okay…”

Just 30 minutes ago, I was reading Viola’s palm.

How could such a development occur in just 30 minutes?

-30 Minutes Earlier-

I read her palm as I did for the other village women.

She gets lonely easily, can’t control her curiosity, etc.

In fact, I chose palmistry as a pretext to touch her hands.

Certainly, there was a reaction.

“Wow! How can you see all that in a hand? It’s amazing!”

But that was it. She was just amazed, and nothing more.

The situation I had hoped for, where she would feel shy, did not unfold at all.

[She just finds it interesting and nothing more.]

“Damn that hero, he turned his sister into a complete fool…”

[What will you do now?]

“…Change of plan.”

I decided to shake Viola’s heart. When I started talking about her future, the atmosphere changed significantly.

“You seem destined to get married soon.”

“Oh… I see.”

“But it seems your partner hasn’t been decided yet.”

“What? Not decided?”

I spun a story about how the gods usually determine most destinies, but leave the crucial ones to man’s own will.

[You really know how to fit it in.]

‘If it fits in a nipple, it’s nipple piercing; if it fits in a clitoris, it’s clit piercing, right?’

[…Your metaphors are quite something.]

However, Viola’s expression didn’t improve.

It seemed she couldn’t even consider marrying someone other than her brother.

For Viola, her brother was her only family, but also a source of pressure.

Always dominated by her brother, she never experienced true freedom.

Her only hope in life was her longing for the outside world.

And the first young man from outside she had ever seen, me, was perhaps her last chance, so she risked getting into trouble to see me.

In an attempt to shift her thoughts away from marriage, Viola asked me a question.

“I’m just curious, but who is Filia? You kept mentioning her to me.”


I surrendered and told her.

Feigning emotion, I turned on my acting skills.

“…She was someone I loved.”

“Wow! That’s amazing. So she looked like me?”


“Where is she now?”

“She… passed away.”


After that, Viola apologized through her tears.

She felt guilty for unintentionally hurting me with her curiosity…

I comforted her as she cried.

Viola cried for a long time and apologized again and again.

“Really, I’m sorry…huhuhu…”

“Then… can I ask you for one thing?”

“Anything, just tell me!”

I hesitated, then murmured as if regretting the request.

Viola caught on and immediately leaned in closer.

“Really, just tell me. I’ll do anything for you!”

“Then… until I leave the village, can we be like a couple?”

“Of course!”

I cheered internally.


[It worked.]

As Armonia said, this was possible purely because of Viola.

Sure, the village women approached me, but they were completely different from Viola.

They approached me with ulterior motives…

In contrast, Viola was purely interested in getting to know me as a person.

I gently embraced Viola.

“Thank you, Viola.”


Startled by my embrace, Viola wrapped her arms around my waist.

“But, I don’t know much about being a couple…”

“It’s okay. We’ll learn together.”

“Right. Hehe…”

Viola’s behavior right now showed no signs of aversion towards me.

Instead, she kept asking various things, worried that she might make a mistake.

“Is my way of speaking not good…? I thought a more casual tone would be better for lovers.”

“It’s, it’s fine! Should I change the way I speak too?”

“No, I like you just the way you are, Viola.”

“Then I’ll keep speaking like this. Hehe.”

With those words, Viola naturally snuggled into my embrace.

She’s really like an innocent child.

Now then….

It’s time to make her a real woman.

I gently lifted Viola’s chin with one hand and kissed her.

“Uh? Mmph….”

Viola’s eyes widened in surprise as our lips met, her body tensed up, but as our tongues intertwined, her eyes began to relax.

Somehow, she exchanged saliva with me, playing with her tongue in her mouth even though no one had taught her.

After a minute-long kiss, I pulled away.

“Haah…haah… This, this is….”

“It’s a kiss, something lovers do.”

“Haah…I see.”

“Sorry, did you feel bad?”

“No, no! It was… so good….”

Viola’s sincere words were also evident in her expression.

Her face was filled with ecstasy.

Even though she was ignorant about sex, her body was involuntarily getting excited.

I tilted my head towards Viola again.

“Haah… Chu….”

Unlike before, Viola instinctively tilted her head too and kissed me back.

“Mmph, chu, mmph.”

A more intense play of tongues than before.

But kissing was not the only thing I was aiming for.

While focusing on the kiss, I slowly began unbuttoning the blouse Viola was wearing.

Yet, engrossed in the kiss, Viola did not notice her buttons being undone.

After a longer kiss than before, I pulled my head back.

But Viola, craving my lips, came closer.

“Haah… more… please do more….”

The first kiss had given her the greatest pleasure.

Meeting a young man other than her brother for the first time in her life.

And experiencing the kindness of a stranger for the first time.

A kiss she had never experienced before.

The first sexual pleasure she had ever felt.

Right now, this kiss was everything to her.

But I gently refused her lips, tantalizing her further.

“I’ll do something even better.”


Viola belatedly realized her state.

“When did…”

Viola’s blouse was fully opened, revealing her bare chest.

She covered them with both hands in embarrassment.



I whispered in Viola’s ear.

“…I love you.”


Hearing my whisper, Viola forcefully pulled me closer by the waist.

It was a phrase she often heard from her brother, but for Viola, it was merely a sign of familial affection.

She had been happy to hear it when she was young, but at some point, it became a burden.

A whisper from a stranger for the first time.

A new feeling for the first time.

The whisper was like a key unlocking the locks of her emotions.

Suho slowly laid Viola on the ground.

Viola didn’t think to cover her generously exposed chest.

Kiss, whisper.

These two things alone had unlocked all the locks in Viola’s heart.

Even though there might be more to come, I had become like a ruler to her.

Suho began to observe the inside of Viola’s skirt, spreading her legs. He slipped his finger between her underwear.

“Why there… Haah!”

“Just accept it and feel good, Viola.”

“Heeuk, okay….”

I carefully stroked the outside of her vagina without inserting my finger inside.

Armonia, who saw my caress, raised a question.

[Wouldn’t it be better to progress faster?]

‘What are you talking about! She needs to be properly aroused first, this is how it’s done.’

[I see.]

‘Kekeke, and it’s too much of a pity to break the hymen with a finger.’


Until now, for Viola, the vagina was nothing more than a place for urine to come out of.

A place that had never been shown or touched by anyone else.

She was being violated without defense by me.

Right now, she must be feeling as if her brain was burning up.

But even without much foreplay, Viola was reacting too excessively.

“Huuuung! Huhu, hiccup!”

Viola arched her back and pulled at my clothes.



Viola had fainted, her face streaked with tears.

Her first climax.

My hand, taken out from her underwear, was wet and dripping with love juice.


I carried Viola into the room and laid her on the bed where I was going to sleep.

Looking at the fainted Viola, I communicated with Armonia.

“Well, she fainted just from being touched a little…”

I had originally planned to have sexual intercourse with Viola today.

If it ended poorly, she might not come back, so I was planning to go all the way today.

But what do you know… when I caressed her vagina with my finger, she fainted.

[There has been a change in Viola’s traits.]

“Oh, let’s see.”


Name: Viola


[Maternal], [Merciful], [Faithful], [Honest], [Curious], [Sensitive]….

At a glance, I could see what had changed.


“What’s this…”

[It’s a trait that has emerged from her first sexual experience. Some traits are hidden if they are not used.]

Well, it makes sense. It would be a mess if all the unnecessary traits of a person were listed.
One could spend a lifetime just looking at a person’s traits.

“Heh, so I’m the first man who awakened that sensitivity in her. And [Loneliness] is gone too… Heh, very good. Viola, you’re mine.”

[I will show you the details.]

The font for sensitivity expanded, highlighting one word.


“What, just one?”

[It’s likely a trait she already had. Sometimes they are hidden without the person knowing.]

“Heh, I will develop them all.”

A sense of competitiveness began to stir in me.

Although we hadn’t had actual sex, seeing Viola today, she seemed to have a lot of potential.

[…And there’s one more change.]

“Huh? What is it?”

[It’s your trait, Suho.]

“Huh? What is it? Show me my traits.”


Why is she dragging this out, making me anxious…

My information appeared before my eyes.
Name: Seung Suho


[Sexual Technique LV 111], [Calm], [Provocation King], [Flexible Response], [Corruption Desire],





“How skilled is level 100 and above?”

[In terms of skills, a level close to 100 indicates a protagonist-level talent. For reference, the hero here is known to have a [Sword Skill] of 96.]

“Wow, so my sexual technique is beyond protagonist-level? That’s awesome?”

[On the surface, yes, but let me show you the details.]

The font for sexual technique expanded, with several words highlighted separately.

-[Intercourse LV 1], [Oral LV 1], [Empathy LV 1], [Pheromone LV 1]…-

“What? How is this heroic? It’s rubbish!”

I had high hopes for Sexual Technique LV 111, but it was just a line of pathetic virgin-level skills.

In the past, I wouldn’t have cared about such levels since I had no interest in real women.

But now, my job is to seduce women, and this is serious.

“But Armonia, how come my sexual technique level is 111 when they’re all at 1?”

“But now, my job itself involves seducing women, and this is quite serious.

“But Armonia, how is my sexual technique level 111 when they’re all at 1?”

[…Please look at the last part about hand technique.]

“Huh? What the heck is this…”

-[Hand Technique LV 555]-