Chapter 5 How to Steal a Protagonist’s Woman

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“Hmph, what a load of bullshit.”


The noisy villagers instantly fell silent at the old woman’s curses.

Everyone just quietly watched her.

Sitting on a chair in a corner, the shabbily dressed elderly woman leaned on her cane.

The chief spoke up.

“What now? Why are you starting this?”

“You’ve forgotten the past and are babbling such nonsense…”

“Here we go again…”

The village chief shook his head as if he had given up. The elderly woman, who appeared to be the oldest in the village, began to scold the others.

“The hero? You fools… You’re only living like this because you’re useful to him now. Once you’re not, he’ll treat you all like dung!”

“Hey, old lady! Are you mad? What if someone hears you!”

“Let them hear! Damned fools!”

The villagers were just looking around, whispering among themselves.

-Who brought her here again?

-Every time the hero is mentioned, she reacts like this…

-Still blaming her son for all these years…


Catching the chatter, the old woman stamped her cane on the floor and stood up.

“My son would never do such a thing!!”

Her shout silenced everyone.

Trembling with rage, the elderly woman leaned on her cane and slowly approached the door.

“Fucking bastards…. You’re going to get your asses handed to you.”

With those words, she opened the door and left with difficulty.

The villagers started whispering again as soon as she was out.

I decided to follow the elderly woman. She went beyond the outskirts of the village, heading outside.

[It’s strange for her to go out of the village at this hour.]


Even though the village was safe, the outside was pitch dark at night.

“I’ll follow and see what…”

“Eh? What are you doing here?”


It was the same patrol member I met earlier.

“Hello. I was just concerned about the elderly woman going out alone at this hour…”

“Ah… she lives outside the village.”

“She’s not from the village?”


I learned that, after her family died, she chose to live a solitary life outside the village.

“I’ve tried to persuade her to come back, but she’s been living outside long before I arrived…”

“I see. I just worry, so I thought I might follow her.”

“Really? Even though it’s outside, there’s no threat of wild animals or anything…”

It must seem suspicious for an outsider to suddenly follow a villager on his first day.

But I could make up a reason.

“…reminds me of my late grandmother.”

“Oh! I see! Then go ahead! Take this mana stone; you won’t see anything without it in the dark.”

“Thank you…”

I gratefully took the mana stone and headed towards where the elderly woman went.

Behind me, I heard the patrol member.

-He’s so thoughtful. I’m starting to like him…

I heard hallucinations. (Patrol Member’s Favorability increased by 30.)


I arrived at a small hut, presumably where the elderly woman lived.

Junk was scattered around the place.

“Are you there?”

“Who is it?”

The elderly woman, whom I had briefly seen before, came out leaning on her cane.

Her appearance was even more decrepit than what I had observed from a distance.

“Hello, I just arrived in the village today and…”

“Leave this village as soon as you can.”


Are all the people here just NPCs telling me to leave?

How many times have I heard that now…

‘Damn, everyone just tells me to leave…’

[Maybe you should explain the situation to her.]

I took a deep breath and spoke up.

“May I ask why?”

“If you don’t want to die, leave quickly.”

With those words, the elderly woman went back inside her hut and didn’t come out again.


When the sun had completely set, I went to the chief’s house and asked for a place to sleep.

I gave him another fake pearl.

How far does the chief’s greed extend…

In return, he provided me meals and a place to sleep.

He gave me a room in a corner on the first floor.

At least I found out who the hero’s woman is.

His sister.

Definitely a crazy guy.

But in this world, it didn’t seem to be a big problem.

According to Armonia, marriage between siblings isn’t an issue in this world.

The hero’s personality was also vastly different from what I had expected. He was a siscon and feared by the villagers.

And the elderly woman’s words also lingered in my mind.

But the biggest problem wasn’t that.

“I really don’t feel motivated…”

[May I ask what the problem is?]

“I just don’t like real women.”

Walking around the village today, I realized the women here were just as ordinary as the ones from my world.

And sometimes, the She-Hulks gazing at me with sinister eyes were an even bigger problem…

They didn’t stir even the slightest bit of excitement in me.

Struggling to ‘eat’ these women?

“Playing adult games again would be far better…”

[Perhaps using the Enel to purchase a decent game would be a better option…]

“Hmm… maybe that’s what I should do…”

I spoke as if thinking aloud, communicating through the device.

‘Someday, I’ll definitely sleep with Armonia.’

[I hope you achieve such a level of success that it becomes possible.]

Oh boy, even the thought of that is exciting.

[But I have a question.]

“What’s that?”

[Who is Filia?]

“What?! How do you know about Filia?”

I was genuinely surprised. Could she read even the thoughts in my heart?

[You mentioned that name when you fainted yesterday.]

“Ah… she was my first love… But it’s over now.”

My real first love.

Never forgotten, not even once.

Even when indulging in adult games, she always came to mind afterward.

[You mentioned disliking real women. Was there a specific reason for that?]

“Disliking real women?”

[Didn’t you just say she was your first love?]


I laughed and replied.

“She was the female protagonist of my first adult game.”


I wondered what expression Armonia was making. I really wanted to see it.

“I really liked her… But now I can’t meet her.”

[Why is that?]

She seemed reluctant to ask.

“Damn, my sister sold my old 486 laptop while I was in the army. It looked retro, so she thought it was worthless. I swear, one day I’ll get back at her…”


It wasn’t a joke. Thinking about it made me want to pour acid in my sister’s mouth.

My first love, Filia.

I’m sorry.

“That game was one of the few I played hundreds of times. A perfect 10.”

I used to open my laptop once a week just to see Filia.

Always cautious not to damage it, I learned to adjust the humidity and repair parts myself.

[Couldn’t you just find the software again?]



“Love isn’t like that.”


Even when the internet era came, and I could have played it again, I chose not to.

The Filia I loved wasn’t just anywhere.

She was in that 486 laptop, where I had put my all into.

I couldn’t protect her due to my mistake, so I decided to keep Filia in my heart.
Since then, I’ve played adult games with a cold, detached approach, so as not to repeat such regret.



“Thank you.”

[For what?]

“For giving me a moment to remember Filia…”


My sincere thanks seemed to leave Armonia at a loss.

It felt like she was so lovely on the other side.

I could feel it.



“You’re thinking something weird, aren’t you?”

[Not at all.]

Of course, she would deny it…

But I knew better…

In the silence, I could sense something.

“Well, anyway, I should start looking for this Viola tomorrow. Time to sleep.”

[Rest well…]

Rustling noises came from outside the window.

“What’s that?”

[Someone is approaching. Be careful.]

“Who? Some crazy guy who threatened to flick me earlier?”

I tried to open the door to go back inside the chief’s house.
Click, click.

“It’s locked…”

[They probably locked it to prevent you from wandering around inside.]

“Should I use Enel to unlock it…?”

[I don’t recommend that. If you run into someone inside the house…]

“Damn, let’s just get out through the window then!”

Who would have thought someone would come to hit me at this hour?

Luckily, there were two windows. I quietly opened the one where I didn’t hear any noise and crawled out.

There was no one around.

“Nobody’s here?”

[Su-ho, look up!]


“Uh? Oh!”

A woman?

A woman fell from the tree above, screaming and landing on me.



Crack, crack!

I could hear the sound of my ribs cracking.

Was this a patrol member who got friendly with me and now came to jump me?

In a world where being a siscon isn’t an issue, who’s to say assault isn’t either?

Did I come here to be involved in an adult scene but end up in a reverse scenario instead?

Ah, but I’m not a shota.

Older woman and younger man scenario?

With the woman landing on me, my ribs felt crushed, and I was immobilized.

If I couldn’t run away, I had to at least scream!

I can’t just let myself be assaulted like this!

I remembered the killer phrases taught in sex education to fend off sexual predators.

(“No! I don’t want this! Help!”)

I opened my eyes wide, about to scream.

“No! …Eh?”

“Ow, ow, ow…”

But as I saw the woman’s face in the moonlight, I was speechless.

Before me.



Filia appeared before me.

The woman who landed on me had dark brown long hair, appearing like a beautiful maiden from a fairy tale.

Her attire was similar to what typical village girls wore, but to me, she looked like an angel in a dress.

Regaining her senses, the woman looked at me in concern.

“Oh, dear! Are you alright?!”


“Oh no! You must be really hurt!”

I shakily communicated with Armonia.

‘Armonia, tell me about this woman right now!’

[Okay, but are you alright?]


[Three of your ribs are cracked.]


The pain I had forgotten due to the woman’s presence came rushing back.

‘Shit, can’t Enel heal this?’

[I’ll handle both the treatment and the information right away. The total Enel cost is 30.]


The pain in my body disappeared in an instant.

But then…


“Oh my! Are you conscious?”

As the pain vanished, I felt the softness of thighs on my arm.

The woman who landed on me was wearing a skirt, and my arm was completely under it.

Pleasure signals began to sound in a corner of my mind.

Shut up!

I managed to calm myself down and looked at the worried woman.
Name: Viola

[Maternal], [Compassion], [Loneliness], [Faithfulness], [Honesty], [Strong Curiosity], [Ignorance about Sex]…


I found her less than a minute after I resolved to search for her.

Viola awkwardly apologized to me.

“I’m so sorry… I thought you’d be on the second floor… Then I saw someone coming out of the first-floor window and got startled.”

“You… know me?”

“Well… I mean, I’m the one who rescued you. Hehe.”

“Oh, I see.”

I clutched my heart.

She’s an angel.

Her smile has just saved me.

[I should mention that she was the one who found you first.]

‘Ah! I kind of remember.’

[I didn’t realize she was the hero’s sister at that time.]

‘Wow… now I see why the hero is crazy enough to marry his sister.’

No joke.

She was on a different level compared to the other village maidens.

I even doubted if such beauty could belong to a mere human.

Seeing me stare blankly, Viola looked concerned.

“Are you really okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Ha ha…”

My whole body was trembling…

I couldn’t think of anything to say as sweat soaked my body.

As I stood there, completely drenched in sweat, my heart racing uncontrollably, my mind was a chaotic mess. And then there was this incessant pestering voice in my head.

Squirm, squirm. (XX: Go on! Attack! Then everything will be resolved!)

TL/N-its his dick talking

Even though I knew listening to this voice would lead me nowhere, I still couldn’t shake it off. Why do I even entertain these thoughts?

NovelPia Literature: Write freely.
MunXa Literature: Write famously.
KakaoX Literature: Write like a corporation.

Seong Suho Literature: Just write.

This voice, dictating my brain, always insists on writing.

Damn, if only this thing would quiet down, nine out of ten of my problems would be solved.

Flutter, flutter. (XX: Fine! Let’s break up then!)

…Yet I still love this mischievous part of myself.

To escape the awkwardness, I blurted out something random.

“I, I am quite fit. Hahaha.”


Something’s off. My angel looks distressed.

Did I say something wrong?

I was fidgeting, trying to think of what to say next. I decided we should introduce ourselves.

“I’m Seong Su-ho.”

“Oh! I’m Viola. Seong Su-ho… what an interesting name.”

“You can just call me Suho.”

“Okay! Su-ho.”

The angel said my name!

I internally cheered, feeling exhilarated.

Just being called by my name by someone else brought an unexpected sense of happiness.

But seeing me like this, Armonia started to worry through the communication device.

[Are you alright?]

“What? About what?”

[You seem unusually unsettled for the Suho I know.]


…What am I doing right now?

This behavior.

I’ve seen it countless times.

The fools who get NTR’d (Netorare).

The idiots who read too much into every interaction with women, pretending to be nice.

Me? The great conqueror of NTL?

Laughing at, scorning, and despising those men while playing games?

Now, am I doing the same thing they do, but in reality?

I bowed my head and called Armonia through the communication device.



“I’ve come to my senses. Thank you.”

[That’s a relief.]

When I looked up again, Viola was gazing at me with concern.

“Um… if you’re hurt because of me, we should go to the doctor quickly!”

I smiled and looked back at Viola.

I’ll use everything at my disposal…

“Sorry, I was just reminded of something from the past…”

…to make this woman mine.